Guidelines On Types Of Records To Send To The Campus Archives

Item Description Normal Period of Retention Referral (Destination)
Minutes:  Of staff meetings, committees, boards, or other department/college/administrative groups.  3 Years Archives
Correspondence/Memoranda, and Emails:  Regarding projects, activities, awards, and functions. 3 Years Archives
Reports: Annual Reports, Accreditation, Program Reviews, Enrollment, etc.  3 Years Archives
Policies, Procedures, Regulations:  Concerning departmental or office operations. 3 Years  Archives
Publications:  Including catalogs, bulletins, newsletters, programs, posters, brochures, announcements, brochures. 3 Years Two copies to Archives
Questionnaires, Statistics and Assessment Materials. 3 Years Archives
Blueprints, Building Plans, Maps. 3 Years Archives
Speeches, News Releases, Other Media on the IU South Bend Campus. 3 Years Archives
Photographs, Audio and Video Recordings:  Prepared as part of performances, official social functions or official activities. 3 Years Archives
Faculty and Student Research:  Journal Articles, Books, Media, Games, etc.   3 Years Archives

Last Reviewed: 12/2014