Document Archive and Retention List

This document represents a list of record series that were or, in some cases, still are being created by or received at the Office of the Registrar. This schedule provides a true and faithful representation of types of records maintained in the Office of the Registrar and of the designated period of time that the record series are retained. The IUSB Registrar should follow this retention schedule as applicable to this campus. If there are any questions, please contact the Campus Archivist, Alison Stankrauff, at extension 4392 or by e-mail at .

Address Updates  (cards and postal forms) 6 months Last six months Postal reply cards; USPS address change notifications.  Initiated 1983.
Adult Education Records Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1947 - 1958  
Advanced Placement Results Permanent Retention 1967 - 1974 Used to post permanent record notes.
 Certification - University Division, Binder 10 Years 1984 - 1995 The following listings are included in this report: 

15043-CERTMAJR - Majors List of Students certified from UDIV to “upper division” schools
165109-1051 - Students from UDIV Certified to COAS; SPEA; HPER

A listing of student certified from UDIV to COAS, SPEA, HPER.  A copy is mailed to each of the three schools with a memo.
Summary of Statistics of Student Certified from UDIV.  Paper report received each semester; 1994 - Present.

A summary of stats of student certified from University Division.
437788 - UDIV Certifications - Alpha Listing

Paper report received each semester, 1984 - present
SS9001LI - BL Certification Update list

Paper report received each semester, 1984-present

Description:  Tentative UDIV Certification Update List.  Shows SIDN, old class, new class, old section number, new section number, edit message (Section header updated).


Certification - Monitoring Reports 5 years Last 5 years Reports of enrollment changes for currently enrolled students.  Sent to lenders and state agencies. 

1. Automatic record creation (ARC)
2. Office Reference Edit
3. Monitoring Edits
4. Statistics
5. Certification purge

Certification - Report 5 years Last 5 years State Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCR’S) 
Checklist, Registrar Permanent Retention  1984 - Present An alphabetical listing of students who have been placed on checklist for academic reasons by University Division.

Paper report received each semester

Students added to Checklist from UDIV.

IU Checklist Batch Update Valid Transaction List
Correspondence Study File : Name changed to Independent Study File in 1974 Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1934 - 1973  The Grade reports are in alpha order by student’s last name; also Pass/Fail Option forms and lists. 
Correspondence Study Records Permanent Retention 1934 - 1969 In alphabetical order by student’s last name.
File contains records of students who completed correspondence work, who were not regular IU students, and, therefore, did not have a regular permanent academic record.  If student is matriculated, data on the correspondence record was transferred to the regular record.  File contains approx. 19,000 records.
In May, 1969, the procedure for recording correspondence work was changed; recorded on a “computer permanent record.”
Degree Lists, BL Permanent Retention 1960 - 1994 Lists of final graduates submitted by schools.
Degree Candidate List, Tentative  (Job:  SY0050DG) Keep most recent year then destroy Most recent year In alphabetical order by student’s last name within each month of graduation, within each year.
Degree List, Preliminary  (Job:  SY0050DG) Keep most recent year then destroy Most recent year Listing of students with Anticipated Degree Data for specified period.
Diploma Official Signature List Permanent 1930 - Present  
Diploma Transmittal Card File Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1) Diploma releases for graduation periods 1975-present.
2) Duplicate orders and records of late releases 1974 -1985.
Card shows student’s name, address, ID, degree earned with month & year; date diploma was mailed, or released and shows if student was on checklist.  In alpha order by student’s last name within each month /year degree is earned.
Diploma Order Forms - for duplicate diplomas  Destroyed after 5 years. Last 5 years Form submitted by student when they wish to request a duplicate diploma.  Their names are then added to the Duplicate Diploma Data Base for printing of the Duplicate Diploma Order, which is sent to the diploma vender for producing.
Drop and Add File      
 Note:  File name was changed from “Drop & Add” File to: “Schedule Adjustment File - Part I”
First Semester 1995-96

Permanent Retention on Microfilm  1963 - 1995 File contains all current course updates, including original and corrected grade processing.  Beginning in 1985, this file was changed from “current course” updates to schedule adjustment forms.

Contains following small forms:
Application for Pass/Fail Option
Cancellation of Registration Form
Change of Section Number Form
Final Grade Analysis Form
Final Schedule Adjustment Form
Reinstatement of Registration Form
Status Change Forms
Withdrawal From All Subjects
   Enrolled Form

Enrollment Books  Permanent Retention  1969 - 1987 Alphabetically arranged,  A-Z by student’s last name, or in Student Identification Number   Printed each semester
They contained the following information:
Hours of Course Credit, Student ID number; name in alpha or ID number, Class Code, School Code, and Campus (covered all campuses)
Enrollment, IUSB Campus Permanent Retention on Microfiche 1972 - Present NUMERIC – IUSB Enrollment-End of Sem (All Campuses) includes summer sessions.The Registrar receives this microfiche in numeric (SIDN or ID Number) order, each semester, including sum sessions.  The following student enrollment information is shown on this fiche:  Semester, student’s Social Security Number of Identification Number, Name of student, Campus, School, Class, and Total Credit hours.

ALPHA - Univ Enrollment-End of Sem (All Campuses) includes summer sessions.   The Registrar received this microfiche each semester, including sum sessions.  It’s in alphabetical order (A-Z) by student’s last name.  The following student enrollment information is shown on this fiche:  Semester, Credit hours enrolled, Social Security Number or Identification Number, Student Name, Class Code, School Code, and Campus. 

Enrollment Reports. Historical, IU Permanent Retention 1978 - 1993  
Graduates, Official List of & Honors Recipients List (Annual) Permanent Retention 1972 - 1973 through 1998 - 1999 The “Official List of Graduates and Honor Recipients” is produced each year listing graduates and honors for the previous year.  This listing is bound into books with cardstock covers and are mailed to schools and department on campus as well as off campus for reference.
Graduates & Degrees Permanent Retention 1934-1940    1941-1945
Typed lists (straight alphabetical by student last name), permanently bound volumes by date ranges.
Historicals, Complete     

Historicals, Splits (paper/computer)

Permanent Retention              

Permanent Retention of the paper record.

1934 - 1965

1965 - 1979

8-1/2 X 11” academic records on cardstock.  There are approximately 500,000 records in alpha order by student’s last name.  This is the transcript information for all students who attended prior to 1965. 

As of 1996, the Historical (paper) and Split (paper/computer) records (approx. 500,000) are being Imaged, i.e., scanned and stored on Optical Disks for retrieval by computer.

I I I       
Independent Study Files            Consists of Independent Study Course Completion Reports, Grade Reports and Lists.

(Before 1974 known as Correspondence Study)
Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1974 - Present The Independent Study Course Completion forms are arranged by date of course completion (latest date to the earliest date). Within each date of completion, the student’s names are in alpha order.
Note:  The Independent Study “Grade Reports” were no longer microfilmed as of Jan., 1993. 
Overseas Study Program Grade Document File Permanent Retention on Microfilm Overseas Study Registration Cards, 1966 - 1975
Overseas Study Grade Document File:
1966 - 1967; 1972 - 1975
The Overseas Study Grade Document File is in alpha order by student’s last name within each semester.

The Overseas Study Program Grade Document File contains the following forms: Overseas Study Evaluation Forms:  lists of courses transferred from host institution.Pass/Fail Option forms (R543) filed for Overseas Study coursework; Grade Change Memos for Overseas Study coursework.

Permanent History Master List (of students) Known as Historical Master List of Students since 1989 Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1972 - Present An Alphabetical list of all students on the Permanent History File (1972-1988) / Demographic File (1989 to present). A SIDN/Numeric list of all students on the Permanent History File (1972-1988) / Demographic File (1989 to present) 

Produced 3 times a year.

Permanent Record Course File  Permanent retention on microfilm. Part I of the Permanent Record Course File, 1968 - Present Part II of the Permanent Record Course file, 1979 - Present Permanent Record Course File - forms and memoranda (paper and cardstock) pertaining to course adjustments and on-line updating of Historical Course.  These forms are in alpha order by student’s last name.

File relates to all campuses; is used to verify grade changes, removal of I or R grades, Special Credit, etc.

Permanent Record Course File - Part 1 Contains the following forms on paper and cardstock: Academic Record Notes; Historical Course Update forms: grade changes and grade updates; Historical Semester Deletion form; IU Special Credit Form; Removal of “I” or “R” Grades form; Resubmits from HC VTL form; Semester Enrollment Status Update form. Permanent Record Course File - Part II (8-1/2 X 11” forms) consist of:
1. On-line record reviews and Conversion Reprints for misc. updates to HC file;
2. Office printer dumps for work deleted/reloaded for students with two ID numbers;
3.Final Grade Roster copies for any late grade and descriptive title updates;
4. Historical Records (pre 1965) used to create Combined Records;
5. Misc. Graduate Transfer Releases, filed by Perforation Date;
6.Misc. Lists with multiple names used for semester header corrections, etc. filed by Perforation Date

Permanent Record Statistical File Permanent Retention on microfilm Part 1:  1967 - 1979 Part II:  1979 - Present Permanent Record Statistical File Part I is documents (paper and cardstock) pertaining to statistical adjustments on student records, and are in alpha order by student’s last name.

These forms are the update forms used to process updates to the statistical portion of the record. These forms are used for research.

Permanent Record Statistical File
Part I
 Contains the following forms: Academic Objective Update form; Address Change Form; Administrative Statistical Date Form; Change of residence Form; Citizenship (Visa) Status and Country Update Form; Class-School-Major Changes; Degree Update Form (RM06) - (Degree Adds, Degree Deletions); Ethnic Origin Form (RM02); Inactive Reactivation Form; Name Change Form (filed under the “OLD” name); Resubmits from VTL Form; Student Directory Exclusion Form; Student Identification Number Changes (SIDN); Miscellaneous Stat. Changes - High School Rank, Campus, etc.; Student Statistical Data Form - (Birth Date, Sex, Parent Name Changes, Marital Status, Expected Graduate Date)

Permanent Record statistical File Part II Contains 8-1/2 X 11” “Miscellaneous Source Documents,” arranged by Month, (Sept. 1-Aug. 31).  This is a chronological file of computer edits and misc. materials from which updates were made.  The order of the material is determined by the date it was processed and validated by Data Entry Area.

Registration Cards  Note: Registration End-of-Semester report replaced the “old” registration cards in 1983. Permanent Retention on microfilm “A” copy: 1964 - 1982 “B” copy: 1953 - 1983 This file is received each semester in Student Identification Number order on microfiche.

Registration cards (A) copy (Alpha A-Z)

Registration End-of-Semester Report (data from Demographic and Student Section Files) Permanent Retention on Microfiche 1990  - Present End of Semester Microfiche contains a “snapshot” of the student’s registration activity for an entire semester.
Residency Classification Records Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1974-1989 Residency Classification (A-Z within each year)
Student Course Directory Permanent Retention on Microfiche 1980 - Present Includes following information:  Student name, SIDN, Class, Birth Date, Term Stat:  “Withdrawal From All Subjects,”  Term Date:  Date of withdrawal, Student’s Current and Permanent Address, Parent’s name and address, list of all the courses student is enrolled in (Dept., Course Number, Section number, Credit Hours, and “WX” grades if student dropped a class during the automatic withdrawal period. Also includes the Building and Room Number where each course is taken, and which days of the week the course is taken e.g. (MW), etc.
Teacher Certification Cards Permanent Retention on Microfilm 1965 - 1978  

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