Giving to the Library

Indiana University South Bend Libraries are the place — virtual and physical — where students, faculty, and other researchers seek knowledge and expertise. It is just as true in 2015 as it was in 1915, although the world of scholarship has changed dramatically in the past century. While an expanding amount of information is available online, the best e-resources are expensive, increasing in cost, and only available as licensed content. Our budget has to cover these resources while meeting the demand of disciplines that still rely on books and media for teaching and learning. In addition to our vital collections, both the Franklin D. Schurz Library and Dorothy J. Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons provide vital services and facilities as well.


Help us ensure the educational success of IU South Bend students and faculty. Consider donating in one of the following ways:

Financial Gifts

  • Online by clicking on the GIVE NOW button Gifts can be made with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.
  • By check to: Franklin D. Schurz Library, c/o The IU Foundation, PO Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN 46206

All gifts qualify as a tax-deductible contribution.


Franklin D. Schurz Library FundGive Now

Your unrestricted gift to the Franklin D. Schurz Library Fund will help us close the gap between our annual operating budget and the growing list of resources and services that our students and other patrons need most. Past gifts have supported such initiatives as our Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, the popular Library Speaker series, much-needed upgrades to study space, and more.

Michele C. Russo Library Student Worker Scholarship EndowmentGive Now

This endowment fund provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships for outstanding student employees of the Franklin D. Schurz Library and Dorothy J. Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons. Specific requirements must be met for the students to receive funding.

Franklin D. Schurz Library Collection EndowmentGive Now

Much of a library’s reputation is based upon the number and variety of publications and materials that are acquired, made available, and preserved for its users. For a library serving researchers, along with students who are teachers in training, future nurses, and upcoming accountants, our collections are critical. The Franklin D. Schurz Library Collection Endowment specifically provides funds to purchase books and other vital materials for our collections. 

IU South Bend Educational Resource Commons FundGive Now

Your unrestricted gift to the IU South Bend Educational Resource Commons Fund will be used for general support of the Dorothy J. Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons (WERC), formally named in 2013. The WERC provides essential teacher education resources for students, faculty, local teachers and community members. In addition to curriculum and K-12 materials, the WERC provides collaborative spaces for computing, studying, and learning. In the adjacent media production room, a variety of equipment is available for creating projects such as educational games, bulletin boards, portfolios for teaching licenses, and classrooms.


Donating Books and Other Materials

The IU South Bend Libraries greatly appreciate the numerous books, DVDs and CDs it receives every year as gifts.  If you are interested in donating to the collection, please print out the Donor form (PDF)  and turn it in with your items.

The faculty and staff of the IU South Bend Libraries thank you so much for your gift.

Last Reviewed: 07/2016