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February 24, 2014

Franklin D. Schurz Library—Ask Us: We’re Here to Help

A common interest in graphic novels leads to fruitful research consultation on Chartres Cathedral

By Julie Elliott

When Craig Finlay first met Nicole Hassinger at the reference desk, she had an interesting question.

“We started a rapport because she was also looking for sources relating to a paper about the cartoonist Jhonen Vasquez,” said Finlay.  “I am fan of comics and even recently donated a Vasquez book to the library as part of the graphic novel collection I'm trying to grow.  So any time a student expresses interest in the medium it makes me very happy.” 

This initial interaction led to further discussion and a long-term research consultation related to her Art History course.

Hassinger, a sophomore in Mass Communications with a concentration in Electronic Media, was beginning her research on the Chartres Cathedral for Art History FIN-A 101. Her initial work on the project, prior to working with Finlay, was a low C.  After some discussion of her topic, Finlay began working with Hassinger to refine her topic and paper focus.

“In developing that rapport [about Vasquez] we started talking a bit about the paper she was writing for her art class and that developed into workshopping her paper.  It's just an example of how we're here exactly as much a student might need us to be. Nicole is one of those students who actively takes advantage of the educational tools the university offers.”

Hassinger appreciated Finlay’s ability to help her find the focus for her paper’s questions.

“[H]e gave me direction for finding the answers to my questions that were vague,” she said. “We worked on the paper over a two week period when the paper took the semester to write. I managed a significantly better grade with the final product after his help.”

Hassinger now recommends Finlay, and the Library, to her fellow students.

“IUSB needs more people like Craig.” She said.  “People that are willing to help, friendly and that are knowledgeable can be the push a student needs to save their grade… I would also recommend the library to any other students needing help, especially with research materials.”

Last Reviewed: 03/2014