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  1. Are team projects eligible?
    A. Yes. Please be sure to submit just one copy of your project. If a team project wins, the prize money will be split evenly among the team members.
  2. Who are the judges?
    A. Judges consist of 2 Librarians, 1 Library Staff member, and 2 teaching faculty members including one from the Library Academic Committee. Judges are appointed by the Dean of Library Services.
  3. My paper/project was completed in 2017 but for a course that took place before 2017. Can I still apply?
    A. No. We only accept papers/projects completed during 2017 for a credit course or another co-curricular activity under the direction of a faculty member at IU South Bend during the 2017 calendar year.
  4. My project is in another media format. Is it eligible?
    A. Yes. The committee will accept projects in other formats. The main focus of the prize is on your use of library resources and your research process, so formats may vary.
  5. The faculty member who knows the most about my research is not the instructor for my class. Must the "supporting faculty member" be the class instructor?
    A. If the project was completed for a class, the supporting faculty member should be the course instructor. If you completed the project for a co-curricular activity such as directing a play, the supporting faculty member should be the faculty member that mentored you on the co-curricular project.
  6. How long must my project be in order to be considered for this prize?
    A. The length of the project may vary depending on your assignment.
  7. Will my project be returned after the judging?
    A. The project itself, or the material describing multi-media projects, will not be returned. However, for some projects in alternative media, the judging panel may agree to return the project to an applicant.
  8. I've graduated from IUSB but completed my research during the year indicated under Eligibility. Is my project eligible for the Prize?
    A. Yes.
  9. I haven't completed the course for which the project was done. Is my project eligible?
    A. No. You must have received credit for the class in order to be eligible for the prize.
  10. I dropped the class, but did the research and completed my project. Is my project eligible?
    A. No. You must have received credit for the class in order to be eligible for the prize.
  11. Should I turn in the exact paper that I submitted for the course, or should I revise using my professor's corrections?
    A. Please submit a corrected copy for consideration.
  12. I'm an undergraduate, but I completed my project for a graduate class. May I apply for the prize?
    A. Yes.
  13. I've written a paper in a foreign language. May I submit it for the prize?
    A. Yes. However, you also need to submit an abstract or summary, in English, of your paper in sufficient length to adequately describe the paper or project.
  14. I'm conducting my research as part of a theater project. There is no class, but I am assigned to direct a play, or costume a show. Is this research eligible for the Prize?
    A. Yes. Projects completed for a co-curricular activity with faculty guidance are eligible.
  15. Why is this prize only for undergraduates?
    A. This prize is aimed at promoting the use of library research among undergraduates in order to prepare them for lifelong learning. This prize is aimed at promoting and rewarding research strategies at an earlier stage of learning than graduate level work.
  16. Will the prize be given every year?
    A. Not necessarily. The prize will only be given when the work submitted is of high enough quality to warrant it. We anticipate giving the prize every year, therefore, but do not guarantee it.
  17. How many prizes are offered?
    A. Only one prize will be presented.
  18. When is the deadline to submit research project documentation? A. The entire application packet (including the research, essay, application form, and faculty supporting letter) must be submitted no later than February 16, 2018.
  19. Can I receive this prize if I am enrolled at another college campus but taking a course at IUSB?
    A. No, This prize is eligible only to students who are progressing toward a degree at IU South Bend.
  20. In what way will my project be judged?
    A. Your essay must show exceptional ability to choose, assess, and integrate library resources into your research project. See: Selection Criteria.
  21. May I submit multiple projects for this prize?
    A. Yes, you may submit multiple projects; however, only one prize will be awarded.
  22. Do I have to submit my project in paper?
    A. Projects in all media are encouraged. However, a print copy describing your project and research for public display in the Library and/or online is required.
  23. Can I find examples of past award winning papers?
      A. Yes, examples of past award winning papers are available in the Archives.