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If you would like to share how you have incorporated War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning in your classroom, please e-mail Julie Elliott.

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Read the IU South Bend student created readers' guide or the Anchor Books/Random House Readers's Guide for additional ideas for classroom discussion.

Issues in the book of Interest to:

Literature students--Much could be done with the idea of "the myth of war" and the use of folklore as a nationalist tool, in addition, works discussed include The Iliad, The Odyssey, Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, Henry V and a pro-Milosevic adaptation of Hamlet
Psychology students--The idea of the experience of war being the best time of one's life, emotional effects of war, particularly victims' feelings of guilt once war is over, Freud's idea of Eros and Thanatos
Communications students--Hedges has an interesting section where he writes about the "linguistic corruption in war", nationalist rhetoric, reporters who become addicted to war, myth of war through the media--the idea in news of the myth selling better than reality, particularly in regards to the first Gulf war
Political science students--Government aid to despots, times when war is necessary, studies of the political situation in Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia, etc.
Philosophy--the idea of war making the world understandable, the idea of suffering being part of the "higher good" and a way for us to achieve happiness and meaning, Niebuhr's idea of moral choice, etc.
Business students--How war effects a country's economy--not just in the short term, but for generations, examples of good models for economic regrowth after war and bad examples, business ethics and war.
Nursing--Deaths of the very young and the very old in wartime due to lack of food and medical attention--is there an increase in birth defects or illness due to these same issues?
Education--How do you teach the concept of war to students?

Last Reviewed: 03/2014