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After Darwin

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 73 pages
Note about Cast: 3 males, 1 female

Description of book:

"Q: Is the title still in print and available in paperback?
Yes. And there is much to be found about Charles Darwin and there is much to be found about the implications of his thinking and findings across a diversity of disciplines. I cannot think of many exceptions.

Q: Would the title have a wide-appeal to students in a variety of disciplines?
Again, yes. Being a play, its source material is rich. The themes and subject of the play itself provide a rich source for discussion and for written essays. The source material is at the heart of how we view ourselves, our bodies, and the struggle to understand our bodies and, perhaps, more fully inhabit them. The application to the sciences seems strong. Perhaps most obviously in the Biological Sciences, but the stretch to other disciplines of the sciences is not much of one. Social, cultural, philosophical, educational attachments are very strong.

Q: Can a connection be made to the title and the campus theme?
Well, Darwin's discoveries and thinking on biology are the inciting source for most of the other titles. I argue that Darwin's premise constitutes the foundation of a major change in our thinking about our world and our place in that world, and one that we are very much engaged with to date. Despite their ubiquity, our bodies remain largely a mystery to ourselves, and they are usually the source of a chronic schizophrenia between our humanity and our spirituality, amongst other issues."

From the Sunday Times, London:

"Timberlake Wertenbaker's brain-teasing new play addresses the ruling metaphor of our times: the survival of the fittest. She does it in the most direct way possible, by dramatizing the development of Darwin's ideas on the origins and survival of species during his voyage on the Beagle in the 1830s and the conflict between him and Fitzroy, his captain and a literalist believer in the Bible. But the metaphor is underlined by casting this as a play within a play, where the actor playing Darwin has no interest beyond personal survival and the actor playing Fitzroy is weakened by principle. Their rehearsals are directed by an east European refugee who knows more about survival than they ever will."

Description of book submitted by Randy Colborn, Theatre

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