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The Color of Water

The Color of Water
by James McBride

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 336

Description of book: "This is a book about family, following the story of both the author and his mother, a white woman from rural America who marries an African American man. McBride's mother raised 12 children while struggling against poverty and racism and the author seeks out the white side of his family which has rejected his mother. This story would be interesting to students in the social sciences, communication, history, English.

Available from local libraries (Elkhart, St. Joe, Goshen, Niles) and several IU campus libraries. Available through for less than $12 -- used copies also for sale.."

Description by Kyna Morgan, student, IU South Bend

Reviews/Articles/Publisher Information with more about the title:

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McBride, James. "The Color of Water: A Son's Memoir." Essence. 27.1 (May 1996): 50+. Direct Link through EbscoHost (login required off-campus).

Last Reviewed: 03/2014