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The Fire Next Time

The Fire Next Time
by James Baldwin

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 128

Description of book: "It's a powerful book, already a classic. The edition currently on Amazon is 128 pages for about $12 and there is another edition for even less.

There are three main sections. In the first, Baldwin writes a letter to a nephew about what he faces coming of age in a society that will insist upon seeing him as black. In the second, Baldwin tells how as a teenager he used his brief career as a "child preacher" to insulate himself from the dangers of the street. In the third, Baldwin visits the headquarters of the Nation of Islam and considers political and economic approaches to problems associated with race in the U.S. That second section is a classic of American nonfiction prose.

Some disciplines that would be able to connect readily to the book are English, History, Sociology, and Religious Studies, and perhaps others."

Description by Ken Smith, Faculty, English, IU South Bend

Reviews/Articles/Publisher Information with more about the title:

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