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A Passage to India

A Passage to India
by E. M. Forster

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 368

Description of book: " It seems to fit the campus theme of diversity and dialogue quite nicely since the basic premise of the text is about the clash of cultures in British India, class struggles, and how those cultures resolve (and some don't) their issues via communication (dialogue). It could appeal to students in communication, english, history, women's studies, film studies, and a variety of other disciplines.."

Description by Alec Hosterman, Area Coordinator for Communication Arts , IU South Bend

Reviews/Articles/Publisher Information with more about the title:

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Kischuck, John. "Forster's A Passage to India." Explicator..56.3: Spring 1998. Direct Link through EbscoHost (login required off-campus).

Last Reviewed: 03/2014