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The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America
by Philip Roth

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 416

Description of book: "Historians have stated that the aviator Charles Lindbergh was once considered by some Republicans as a nominee for the Presidency to run against Franklin Roosevelt. Also, Lindbergh was thought to exhibit pro-Nazi tendencies. Philip Roth uses these two facts as a jumping off point in his novel The Plot Against America to ask what would have happened if Lindbergh had defeated FDR in the election ot 1940. Roth personalizes his telling of the story by adopting the viewpoint of himself as a boy as he and his family watch in horror as the rights of Jews in America are trampled. The novel points up how easily people can be persuaded, acting in what they believe to be their own self-interest, to abandon morality and the values upon which this country has been based. Overlayed on this theme is a moving human story in which Philip's father struggles with his inability to right these wrongs while his ! family pulls itself apart. Interwoven into the story are the lives of many historical figures such as Father Coughlin, Henry Ford, Walter Winchell, and Fiorello LaGuardia.

Some readers of this book have viewed it as an roman a clef against the current policies of the Bush administration. Roth himself has denied this interpretation, however.

This work would be appropriate for classes in History, Political Science, English, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology."

Description by Jim Yates, Faculty, Business, IU South Bend

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