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Spinning Into Butter

Spinning Into Butter
by Rebecca Gilman

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 96

Description of book: "It is a play. Specifically, an issue play. And the issue is latent racism and the potential cost of political correctness. At small liberal arts Belmont College the push has been made to diversify the campus population.

From Dramatic Publishing:

"When one of the few African American students at liberal Belmont College begins receiving hate mail, the campus erupts, first with shock, then with mutual recrimination as faculty and students alike try to prove their own tolerance by condemning one another. At the center of this maelstrom is Sarah Daniels, the dean of students. As the administration sponsors public "race forums" and the students start their activist groups, Sarah is forced to explore her own feelings of racism. Her self-examination leads to some surprising discoveries and painful insights, the consequences of which even she can't predict."

This play would serve as good foundation for discussions, and assignments in at least the social sciences, communication, english, theatre (of course), and education. Being a play, its source material is rich. The themes and subject of the play itself provide a rich source for discussion and for written essays. The source material is at the heart of how we view ourselves, and struggles with the challenges and opportunities of "diversity". Social, cultural, philosophical, educational attachments are very strong.

"[This play] will be provoking heated conversations, not to mention awkward moments, in the Lincoln Center subway stop for some time to come."--Variety

"Rebecca Gilman's provocative new play tackles the issue of racism with fresh vitality while standing political correctness on its head."--The Daily News, New York

"This is a drama that will send audiences arguing into the night, and one that cries out to be seen."--The Daily Telegraph

Description by Randy Colborn, Faculty, Area Coordinator of Theatre and Dance, IU South Bend

Reviews/Articles/Publisher Information with more about the title:

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