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Additional Books of Interest, 2007-2008

Books with links are titles that were also nominated for this year’s One Book, One Campus. Please check links for summaries of these titles as well as related articles and web sites.

Please check IUCAT for titles’ availability.

  • Abbey, Edward. The Monkey Wrench Gang. Available through Interlibrary Loan or Request Delivery.
  • Barlett, Peggy F. and Geoffrey W. Chase, eds.Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change. Call Number: LB3223.3 .S89 2004
  • Bigg, Tom, ed. Survival for a Small Planet: the Sustainable Development Agenda. Call Number: HD75.6 .S856 2004
  • Crosby, Alfred. The Columbian Exchange. Call Number: E98.D6 C7 1973
  • Davis, Mike. Planet of Slums. Available through Interlibrary Loan or Request Delivery.
  • Diamond, Jared. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Call number HN13 .D5 2005
  • Epstein, Marc and Kirk O. Hanson, eds. The Accountable Corporation. 4 vols. Call Number: HD2741 .A282 2006
  • Ferguson, Robert. Henrik Ibsen: A New Biography. Call Number: PT8890 .F46 2001
  • Forrant, Robert, and Linda Silka, eds. Inside and Out: Universities and Education for Sustainable Development. Call Number: LC237 .I57 2006
  • Goldman, Michael. Ibsen: the Dramaturgy of Fear. Call Number: PT8895 .G58 1999
  • Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth. Call Number: QC981.8.G56 G67 2006
  • Guha, Ramachandra. How Much Should a Person Consume? : Environmentalism in India and the United States. Call Number: GE199.I4 G84 2006
  • Hill, Lilian H. and Darlene E. Clover, eds. Environmental Adult Education: Ecological Learning, Theory, and Practice for Socioenvironmental Change. Call Number: GE70 .E55 2003.
  • Ikerd, John. Sustainable Capitalism: a Matter of Common Sense. Call Number: HB501 .I54 2005
  • Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go. Call Number: PR6059.S5 N48 2005
  • Kenney, Douglas S. In Search of Sustainable Water Management: International Lessons for the American West and Beyond. Call Number: HD1695.W32 I62 2005
  • Kuntsler, James Howard. The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century. Available through Interlibrary Loan or Request Delivery.
  • Laszlo, Ervin and Peter Seidel. Global Survival: the Challenge and its Implications for Thinking and Acting. Call Number: HC79.E5 G597145 2006
  • Marker, Frederick. Ibsen's Lively Art: a Performance Study of the Major Plays. Call Number: PT8899 .M37 1989
  • Mowforth, Martin. Tourism and Sustainability: Development and New Tourism in the Third World. Call Number: G155.D44 M69 2003
  • Newton, Lisa. Business Ethics and the Natural Environment. Call Number: HD30.255 .N49 2005
  • People, Land & Sustainability: a Global View of Community Gardening. Call Number: SB457.3 .P46 2001
  • Reece, Erik. Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness. Available through Interlibrary Loan or Request Delivery.
  • Speth, James Gustave. Worlds Apart: Globalization and the Environment. Call Number: GE170 .W674 2003
  • Wilson, E.O. The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth. call number: E98.D6 C7 1973

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