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Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness

Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness
By Erik Reece

Title available in paperback?: Will be released in paperback in February 2007
Pages: 272

Description of book: "This work of literary non-fiction explores the social, economic and environmental impact of strip-mining on one rural Kentucky community and its environment, as witnessed by the writer. As the publisher puts it, Reece presents strip mining not as a local concern but as "a mainstream crisis that encompasses every hot-button issue -- from corporate hubris and government neglect, to class conflict and poisoned groundwater." The book is a perfect fit for our theme, as the following statement from the Library Journal's review makes clear: "Through a full understanding of ethical, moral, and natural community, [Reece] argues, would come the recognition of the value of long-term preservation and sustainability vs. short-term greed and individual gain." At once a work of local history, cultural analysis, and literature (Reece was mentored by the poet and novelist Wendell Barry, in whose footsteps he follows), the book crosses multiple disciplines, exploring questions relevant to environmental science, business, sociology, politics and aesthetics. It has the added advantage of addressing issues close to home, which, as the catalyst for recent legislative debates about strip-mining, it has even helped to shape. Reece is a writer-in-residence at the University of Kentucky, where I got to know him when I taught there a few years ago. He is a very engaging speaker and I'm sure would be happy to visit campus."..."
-- Title nominated by Lee Kahan, faculty, English

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