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Books with links are titles that were also nominated for this year’s One Book, One Campus. Please check links for summaries of these titles as well as related articles and web sites.

Other Suggested/Nominated Titles for One Book, One Campus:

Other Related works (books/videos) about/related to "Revolutions in Thought" or Origin of Species:

Eureka!: Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World by Leslie Hovan. New York : J. Wiley, c2002. Call number: Q180.55.D57 H67 2002

Metaphysics and the Origin of Species by Michael Gheselin. Albany : State University of New York Press, c1997. Call number: QH360.5 .G48 1997

The Darwinian Revolution: Science Red in Tooth and Claw by Michael Ruse. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c1979. Call number: QH361 .R87

Darwin and his Critics; the Reception of Darwin's Theory of Evolution by the Scientific Community. By David Hull. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1973. Call number: QH365.O8 H84

Charles Darwin: the Years of Controversy; The Origin of Species and its Critics, 1859-1882, by Peter J. Vorzimmer. Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1970. Call number: QH365.O8 V6

Autobiography. by Charles Darwin. New York, Collier Books, 1961. Call number: QH31.D2 A16 1961

Darwin's Revolution in Thought [videorecording]: an Illustrated Lecture for the Classroom. by Stephen Jay Gould. Call number:
QH31.D2 G6853

Radical Evolution: the Promise and Peril of Enhancing our Minds, our Bodies--and What it Means to be Human. by Joel Garreau. New York : Broadway Books, 2006. Call number: T174.5 .G37 2006

Radical Evolution and Revolutions in Thought [videorecording]. Videorecording of Schurz Library Speaker Series 2/26/09. Call number: T174.5 .R33 2006

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