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By Tal Ben-Shahar

Title available in paperback?: No
Pages: 224

Description of book: Ben-Shahar is currently a professor of psychology at Harvard and a leading researcher in the new field of positive psychology. The whole book is about the science of how to be happier and ultimately how to lead a fulfilling life. I think it would be applicable to all students because no matter what you do/study this knowledge can be applied to it, it is universal. This book ties in perfectly with the theme "Revolutions in Thought" because it truly and really is a revolution in thought, it requires you to change the way you think, your attitude, in order to be happy.

--title nominated by William Strutner, undergraduate

Articles/Web Sites about Book

Tal Ben-Shahar's Home Page

Stevens, Heidi. "Your Assignment: Be Happier." Chicago Tribune 12 Nov. 2007 IUSB login required

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