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Slaughterhouse Five, Or The Children's Crusade

Title available in paperback?:Yes
Pages: 303

Description of book: I think it would be great to honor one if Indiana's most popular writers, who recently died in 2007, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Certainly Slaughterhouse Five is a good reflection of a revolution in thought, in terms of the literary devices he uses and his creation of the "dark humor" movement. Also a great historical peice as it chronicles his personal experience as a prisoner of war in Germany during WWII, although the book is overall a fictional work.

--title nominated by Daniel DeBrule, Acting Assitant Professor, Psychology

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NPR interview with Kurt Vonnegut discussing experiences he used for his novel Slaughterhouse Five

"Slaughterhouse Five; Or, the Children's Crusade." Magill Book Reviews. 1 August 1990. (IUSB Login required)

Last Reviewed: 03/2014