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Where We Live: Essays About Indiana

Where We Live: Essays About Indiana
By David Hoppe

Title available in paperback?: Yes
Pages: 126

Essays about rural and city life in Indiana. This book would have an immediate appeal to our students. The book includes essays by Indiana writers such as Scott Russell Sanders, Mari Evans, Michael Martone, and William O’Rourke. Here’s a paragraph from Hoppe’s introduction: “The voices you will encounter in this book come from the country, from small towns and cities. They are not intended to be representative in a social science sense; this is not a demographer’s cross-section. Nor do the writers here mean for theirs to be the last word on whatever subject they take in hand. Just the opposite: in every case the hope is that these pieces will prompt questions, encourage reflection, and spark the kind of talk that might make a difference in how people regard themselves and the communities of which they are a part.” .

--title nominated by Nancy Botkin, Senior Lecturer in English

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