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The Post-American World

The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria suggested by Vicki Bloom, Dean of Library Services

Title Available in Paperback: Yes
Number of Pages: 292
Date Published: 2008

How Does the Proposed Book Relate to the Campus Theme?: "The campus theme is focused on the transformations overseas and the increasing globalization of our world.  That is precisely what this book addresses.  The author describes the forces behind the emergence of countries that are successfully challenging the dominance of the United States and reshaping global politics and economics."

What potential connections might this book provide to a broad range of disciplines? “This book touches upon many disciplines and areas, including: Business, Economics, International Studies, Non-Western Cultures, Public Policy, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture and Labor Studies and more!  As an example, The Chronicle of Higher Education had a commentary discussing the ideas in this book and the impact on our higher education system as a leader export of education."

How could this book promote intellectual and community engagement through campus events that exist or could be planned (e.g. author visit, other speakers, faculty presentations on research, lecture series such as Women’s Studies Public Forum, performances, exhibits, ongoing campus groups such as American Democracy Project, Civil Rights Heritage Center, Center for Sustainability)?: "Discussions/lectures/film screening could be held on topics such as: America’s role in the world today, the impact of democracy and democratic ideals on the 3rd world, international women’s rights, human rights, impact and spread of US popular culture, human rights, non-Western world, role of media, global warming, etc."

How user friendly is this book for generalist reading or teaching purposes?: "It was written by a journalist who has a PhD from Harvard.  He even appeared on the Daily Show. Very accessible."

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Last Reviewed: 03/2014