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The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli suggested by Constance O. Peterson-Miller, International Student Services

Title Available in Paperback: Yes
Number of Pages: 265
Date Published: 2009

How Does the Proposed Book Relate to the Campus Theme?: "The narrator, business professor, Pietra Rivoli, follows the thread of a t-shirt from its place of purchase in Florida throughout the globe to its likely “birthplace” in China, helping readers make the connection between an article of everyday wear with the momentous forces of globalized history, economy, and culture. Although she exposes the global garment trade’s underside, she clearly strives to identify some of globalization’s positive aspects with respect to mobility, self-reliance, and empowerment."

What potential connections might this book provide to a broad range of disciplines? “Professor Rivoli discusses business and economics, social histories and relationships, political movements, environmental concerns, shifting labor, and why cotton was once “king.”

How could this book promote intellectual and community engagement through campus events that exist or could be planned (e.g. author visit, other speakers, faculty presentations on research, lecture series such as Women’s Studies Public Forum, performances, exhibits, ongoing campus groups such as American Democracy Project, Civil Rights Heritage Center, Center for Sustainability)?: "The book lends itself to campus and community lectures and roundtables on everything from clothing construction to fair trade to the experiences of displaced workers. Exhibits showing how materials, labor, and markets converge on the world’s catwalks and department store counters might be considered. Cotton is currently making headlines with predictions of soaring clothing costs in the year ahead; ongoing campus initiatives could facilitate exploration of cotton production here and abroad, its role in environmental sustainability, and its place in American and world history and social development. Students in the sciences could weigh in with discussion of alternative fiber production and the impact of various technological developments in producing and transporting clothing."

How user friendly is this book for generalist reading or teaching purposes?: "The book reads well, clipping along smoothly from place to place, subject to subject, with explanatory charts embedded within the text and pithy footnotes tucked away to the back of the book, mainly serving as source citations."

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Last Reviewed: 03/2014