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Get in the Booth! by Larry J. Sabato, nominated by Elizabeth Bennion, Faculty, Political Science

"One idea for a Campus Theme Book is Get in the Booth! A Citizens Guide to the 2012 Election by Larry J. Sabato (not yet available). In his book, leading journalists and scholars examine the issues, events, and environment of the 2012 presidential race. Brimming with unique insights and trenchant analyses, Get in the Booth! offer readers chapters by leading political analysts and continuing website updates throughout the election season. Faculty, staff, and students could all read this (brief!) book to understand the nominating process, primary process, direction of the Democratic party and direction of the Republican party. Foreign policy classes might read the chapter on foreign policy. Economics students might read the chapter on pocketbook politics. Health care students might read the chapter on health care. Education students might read the chapter on education. Sociology and racial/ethnic politics students might read the chapter on minority politics. Communications students might read the chapter on media coverage. In other words, we could probably get individual instructors across campus to assign at least one chapter as part of their course and could plan an event (through ADP) corresponding to each chapter of the book – setting the times to correspond with the class reading the chapter, or writing an evening time into syllabi before they are finalized.

HOWEVER, this type of book would work best for the FALL semester. We would probably need to do a different book in the spring . . . or we could follow specific debates and do post-election analysis in the spring based on the same book. This book is very brief and affordable. It’s also very readable. However, it’s not a novel-like page-turner that one might read cover-to-cover in a single setting in the way that some of the other Campus Theme books have been."


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Last Reviewed: 03/2014