Community User Policy

The Franklin D. Schurz Library and the Dorothy J. Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons (WERC) are open to everyone. To make the most of your visit, check the information concerning hours and directions as well as parking information.

Library Cards

To borrow materials from IU South Bend Libraries, state of Indiana residents 18 years and older can apply for an Indiana University Libraries borrower’s card at the Circulation Desks of the Schurz Library or Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons.  Please bring the following information:

  1. A valid Indiana state ID
  2. Two pieces of mail postmarked within the last month from your home address

Exceptions to mail requirement:

  • Local teachers may use their school faculty IDs
  • Students from other universities and colleges may use their valid/current ALI cards (Academic Libraries of Indiana)

Cards may be obtained for minors. To apply, a parent or guardian must accompany the minor in person and use his/her own ID and mail to receive a borrower’s card. Anyone with a borrower’s card has unfiltered access to resources in the building and on the Internet.

Loan Periods

Community users may check out up to five items at any given time. For most circulating materials, the loan period is 30 days. We ask that you return materials on time and give immediate notice of address changes.

All persons borrowing library materials are financially responsible for paying all fines and fees for loss or damages. Library privileges may be revoked for users who have (1) damaged materials, (2) outstanding fines, and (3) invalid mailing addresses on file. Please consult the Circulation page for complete information about loan periods, renewals, and fines. We also offer a limited interlibrary loan service for those needing material from other libraries.

Computer Use

Visitors to the libraries wishing to use library computers may request a Library Computer ID at the Circulation desks. You will be asked to present your Indiana University Libraries borrower’s card. Guest accounts are free. All computer users must observe the Library Computer Use policy, which specifies that Library Computer IDs and passwords are confidential and cannot be shared.

Your Library Computer ID allows you in-person access to online databases, electronic books, electronic journals, Microsoft Office applications, and the general resources of the Internet. Due to strict licensing contracts, this ID cannot be used to access library resources or Office applications off-campus. The exception is IUCAT, the IU-wide online catalog of holdings.

During busy times, library staff may ask you to limit your computer time so your workstation can be used by IU South Bend students, staff and faculty.


Community users can connect their personal laptops and mobile devices to IU’s free visitor wireless service. You may not unplug any of the libraries’ equipment and cables to run your own devices.

Printing & Copying

Printing services (color and black/white) are available at both libraries. See the staff at the Schurz Library or WERC Circulation Desks to set up a printing account. Only cash and checks are accepted. The Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons also provides expanded printing options, including 11” x 17,” one-color poster printing, and wide-format printing.

Having a printing account will enable you to copy and scan as well. For those without printing accounts, the Schurz Library provides coin-operated copiers.

High School Classes and Community Groups

Classes and community groups are invited to use the libraries’ many collections and services. Because of limited space and resources, we ask that arrangements be made in advance.

School Groups

High school teachers wishing to arrange group/class visits to the Schurz Library should contact Nancy Colborn, Head of Information Literacy, at 574-520-4321 at least one week in advance. To keep high school librarians current with students’ assignments, we highly encourage teachers to involve their high school librarians’ participation early on. We also welcome homeschooled groups.

Class visits are generally scheduled on Friday or during breaks to cause minimal disruptions to IU South Bend students. Librarians can provide, upon request, brief instruction sessions and overviews of the Schurz Library. If appropriate information about the students is provided in advance, we can have IU Library borrower's cards and guest accounts ready for each student at the time of the visit. Your students are responsible for any items that they check out and must return the items to the IU South Bend Libraries by the due date.

Classes needing to create teaching aids and other visual resource materials may benefit from scheduling a visit to the Wiekamp Educational Resources Commons. Contact Kim Parker, Supervisor, at 574-520-5548.

Because the research level of materials in the Schurz Library is generally too scholarly and academic in nature for students in K-8th grades, we suggest that those classes use the Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons and/or area public libraries for supplemental resources to their school library. 

College Classes
Instructors at other higher education institutions should first work with a librarian at their home institution. If the IU South Bend Libraries have specialized resources needed by classes that are not available at the other institution's library, instructors, in cooperation with their institution's librarian, may contact Nancy Colborn, the Head of Information Literacy, at 574-520-4321 to make arrangements for class visits.

Community Groups (not affiliated with high schools or colleges)
We welcome the opportunity to introduce organizations and community groups to our wonderful resources and collections. Contact Rhonda Culbertson, Community Engagement Librarian, at 574-520-5598 and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Updated 11.16.16