Indiana Memory Grant Update: Partial List of Items to be Digitized

In May, IU South Bend Archivist Alison Stankrauff & Manager of Local & Family History Services  at the St. Joseph Public Library (and adjunct Q110 instructor at IU South Bend) Joe Sipocz were awarded a $10,000 Indiana Memory Digitization Grant to digitize St. Joseph County historical African American materials.

A partial list of the materials to be digitized is as follows:

  • A nearly complete run of The Reformer, an African American newspaper printed 1967-1971. (116 issues)
  • Documents and studies on race and housing in South Bend. These include a 1952 fact sheet on housing, “Racial Composition of City Blocks South Bend (1960) ”
  • 1966 subcommittee report on citizen’s housing, position papers from local organizations for the Greater South Bend Housing Conference
  • Pamphlet entitled, “South Bend Does Have a Housing Problem, ” and manuscripts of relevant local ordinances
  • 1965 Survey of Municipal Employment and 1954-1955 1st and 2nd annual reports from the Fair Employment Practices Commission
  • Citizens Advisory Committee on Community Improvement (1962).
  • 1922 manuscript of The Negro in South Bend: A Social Study by the Rev. B.F. Gordon, the first academic sociological study of African American life in South Bend
  • Olivet AME Church notes from quarterly conferences 1906-1907
  • Photographs (4) and programs (3) from the H.T. Burleigh Music Association, which featured plays with mostly black casts in the 1930s and 1940s
  • Club yearbooks from the St. Pierre Ruffin Club from 1929-1974
  • Herring Herald Newsletter from 1955-1956
  • Local Urban League annual reports from 1965-1975
  • The Elite, an African American glossy newspaper from 1943-1944 (10 issues)
  • Photographs from the Dr. Bernard Streets Collection from the 1880s until 1999. Odie Mae and Dr. Bernard Streets were prominent community activists in South Bend and worked with the NAACP, Negro Health Week, the Sanhedrin Club, the YMCA, El Centro Migrant Center, and Head Start
  • Biographies of Bernard and Odie Mae Streets

One thought on “Indiana Memory Grant Update: Partial List of Items to be Digitized

  1. Alison,
    Congratulations on initiating such a marvelous project. I am especially interested in the Bernard Streets Collection. I see you have digitized some of the collection, but not all? If there are finding aids you can direct me to, or you can let me know how/when all of these records will be accessible, I will appreciate it. I had a little trouble finding my way around your site. Thanks much.

    Sue Rishworth, formerly Archivist at American College of Surgeons and founding member Lone Arrangers Round Table

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