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  • Check out

    The Indiana University South Bend Libraries serve a community of users comprised of IU faculty, staff, students, and Indiana residents. In order to use our materials, users must:
    • have a valid library card present to check out materials;
    • return materials on time and in good condition;
    • behave in an orderly fashion while using the facilities, following building use policies.
    Check out at the circulation desk on the east side of the library foyer. IU staff and students may see their list of checkouts by using the MYACCOUNT feature of IUCAT:
  • Renew

    All patrons may renew in person or by phone: 574-520-4440

    Faculty, staff, and students may renew material online using the MY ACCOUNT feature of IUCAT:

    NOTE: Interlibrary loan, reserve, media, and video items have limited or no renewal policies. These will NOT successfully renew online. Items with holds or recalls placed on them may not be renewed. E-readers, media equipment, and reserves may not be renewed.

    To request a renewal on an Interlibrary Loan item, contact or 574-520-4433.
  • Return

    You may return materials from any IU Library to our book drops located:
    • Outdoor bookdrop located in the Hildreth Circle (open 24 hours)
    • Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons (E&A Bldg 2010)
    • Franklin D. Schurz Library (outdoor slot) located to the right of the front doors and open when the library is closed

    The Circulation Desk will accept returns at all times the library is open.
  • Report a problem

    If you are experiencing problems with your account, please contact us. We want to help.

    Schurz Library contact: Katherin Plodowski

    Circulation Supervisor, or 574-520-4380

    Weikamp Educational Resource Commons contact: Kim Parker

    W.E.R.C. Supervisor, or 574-520-5548


  • Reserves

    Items submitted by instructors to be used by particular classes are on reserve

    Note:  Textbooks are not put on reserve unless submitted by instructors.

    Reserve form (Forms are also available at the Circulation Desk.)

    Reserve materials are shelved behind the Circulation Desk. Students are allowed to check out materials based on the loan length chosen by the instructor. The Reserves Coordinator processes material for in-house use within 1 business day of submission.  Reserves includes personal items owned by instructors, library materials, and equipment owned by departments.  Reserves returned late are subject to overdue fines.

    For more information, check out the complete Reserve Policy.

  • Services for Disabled

    If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can be made to accomodate most needs. Please contact Kathy Plodowski at (574) 520-4380.

    For assistance on campus, contact the Office of Disability Support Services, (574) 520-4832 (voice), (574) 520-4121 (TDD)

    For more information on adaptive technology and services provided, please see Disabilities Accomodations.

  • Searches / Lost Items

    IU staff and students may use "Request Delivery" in IUCAT. This generates a daily report (Monday - Friday) for items to be pulled from IU Libraries. Use this feature to save yourself time!

    Circulation is happy to help find any items for you. If you are unable to locate an item, please see staff at the Circulation Desk for assistance. If you've lost your personal items in the library, check with the staff at Circulation. Our Lost & Found items are picked up once a week by the campus parking department.

  • Equipment

    The following equipment is available for checkout from the Circulation Desk of the Library:
    • Monitor remotes for the library's 4th and 5th floor study rooms
    • Power point remotes
    • Digital voice recorders
    • Drawing pads
    • Digital "still" cameras
    • Digital video recorders
    • Tripods
    • Mini-mics
    • Video projectors (for faculty use only)
    • Headset microphones
    The above equipment is available for 2 day checkout to faculty/staff/students only. Overdue media equipment items are assessed a fine of $10/day.  We also have fans, dry erase markers, and headphones available to check out for the day (fees only assessed if not returned).
  • Room Reservations

    Study rooms are available on the 4th and 5th floor, facing the river. The rooms are designed for groups of 2 - 6. For this reason, an individual may be asked to move if a group needs a room.

    Four rooms are open and need no reservations:

    • 503D & 504D
    • 403D & 404D

    Reservations require a valid IU email address. Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance. Time slots are limited to 2 hours per day. If the group does not appear after 10 minutes, the space becomes available first-come-first-served.

    Conference Rooms may be reserved by faculty and staff. The conference room on 4th floor (L406) may also be reserved by student groups larger than 6 people only. Reservation approvals are processed weekdays before 5pm.

    Media Room reservations are processed weekdays before 5pm by Instructional Media Services. Approvals are required before using the space. The key is available at the Circulation Desk for checkout.

    Please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space. Please abide by the library's room conduct policy.

  • Food/Drink

    The library allows food and beverages (in containers with lids) inside the library. However, no food or drinks are allowed in the Hammes Information Commons computer lab.

    If you find yourself getting hungry or thirsty, consider these options:

    • Hammes Media Commons and Café: Coffee or tea for only $1.50. Cocoa is only $1. The Cafe also offers candy and microwave popcorn. A microwave is available if you need to heat up your lunch. We do not provide utensils, so please bring your own!
    • Vending Machines: Vending machines are available at the base of the library stairs to the tunnel connecting the library to Northside Hall. Also, additional vending machines are located by Northside Hall's lounge at the end of the tunnel.
    • Dining Services: IU South Bend's Dining Services offers three locations on campus (Grille, SAC, Northside Café). Check out their website for hours of operation.

    Local eateries nearby:

    • Mishawaka Ave - Farmer's Market, Bruno's Pizza, Allie's Café, China House, Subway
    • Ironwood - Martin's Deli
    • Lincolnway West - Subway, Taco Bell, KFC, Bonnie Doon's, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Arby's

    Please pick up your trash and clean up any food or spills before leaving. Thank you.


  • Loan Lengths

    Books, government publications, and CDs may be renewed online, over the phone, or in person. Any items with holds or recalls are not renewed. Recalls are subject to fees if not returned by the recall date. See our Fines & Fees Policy for more information. 

    Faculty, Staff, Graduates


    Indiana Residents

    Books, Gov't Publications, CDs

    120 days

    45 days

    30 days


    2 weeks

    2 weeks


    Media Equipment

    2 days

    2 weeks


    Tapes, Kits, Bound Journals

    7 days


    4 days


    Reserve item loan lengths are determined by the instructor.

  • Fines & Fees

     All items are subject to recall if needed for the reserve collection. When necessary, the library may recall material at any time regardless of whether the item is overdue, has been renewed, or has been checked out to a faculty or staff member. If not returned by the recall due date, a fine of $25 will be charged.

    Overdue Fine Policies



    Staff, Student, or

    Indiana Resident


    Books / Gov’t Publications / CDs


    .25 / day

    (fines max at $25 per item)





    $10 / day

    (fines max at $200 per item)

    Media Equipment



    $10 / day

    (fines max at $200 per item)

    Reserve Material

    $1.20 / hour for hourly items

    $1 / day for daily items

    (only for items belonging to another professor’s lists)

    $1.20 / hour for hourly items

    $1 / day for daily items

    (fines max at $25 per item)

    Tapes &  Media Kits


    $1 / day

    (fines max at $25 per item)



    $1 / day

    (fines max at $25 per item)

    Recall Fines

    $25 per item

    Replacement Fees


    Replacement fees are based on the average cost of a book, the maximum overdue fine, and a processing fee. If an item's cost is significantly different than the average, adjustments are made to the fee schedule to reflect this.


    Damage Fees


    Damage fees are based on significance of damage.

  • Library Cards

    Library Cards are issued to patrons with a valid:

    • Indiana drivers license
    • Indiana ID
    • faculty, staff, or student ID from Indiana University

    Community patrons need to bring 2 pieces of mail, received in the last two months, as proof of address when seeking to obtain a library card.

    Note: Minors without a valid IN State picture ID must have a parent or guardian apply, in person and with their own ID, for a borrower's card. Applications, found at the IU Franklin D. Schurz Circulation Desk or the Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons, state:

    As a resident of Indiana, I hearby submit my child's application for the right to borrow materials from the IU South Bend Libraries. I agree that my child will comply with all its rules and regulations. I agree to pay all fines, to make good any loss or damages (at current replacement cost) to materials, and to give immediate notice of any changes of address. I understand my child's borrower's card give him/her the ability to request an account to have unfiltered access to the Internet.

  • Room Reservations

    The library has 4 types of reserved rooms.

    • Faculty Study Rooms are available for long-term reservations upon request. Requests should be directed to the Library Administrative Offices ( or 574-520-4449).
    • Study rooms facing the river are reservable by IU students or staff. Rooms are designated for groups of 2-6. Individuals may be asked to leave if occupying a room alone. Twelve rooms may be reserved. Only groups of 2 or more may schedule a group study room. Reservations require a valid IU email address.  If the group does not appear after 10 minutes, the space becomes available first-come-first-served.
    • Media Production Room:contains special equipment for video shooting & editing, audio mixing, plus the full 2D Adobe design suite. The room is available to IU South Bend faculty, staff, and students. Assistance from Media Services is available upon request.
      Reservations are done using LibCal and require Media Services approval. Approvals are processed weekdays only. Room keys are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. An IU ID will be required.
    • Conference Rooms are available on the third and fourth floors. Reservations require library approval and may be requested by using LibCal. Library rooms are not scheduled for regular class meetings. To schedule a space for regular class meetings, faculty should consult the Registrar's Office (574-520-4564).

      Approvals are processed weekdays only. Room keys are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. An IU ID will be required.
    • L301 is available to IU faculty and staff only. Library personnel have priority.
    • L406 is available to IU faculty, staff, and student groups larger than 4.
    • require a valid IUSB email address
    • can be made up to 7 days in advance
    • are processed weekdays only. The room key is available for checkout from the Circulation Desk with an IU ID.
    • are limited to 2 hours per day for students. Faculty & staff may request extended time.

    Catered meetings through Dining Services and Special Events are to be handled by the individual or group reserving the conference room. This person or group is also responsible for ensuring the room is in its original condition at the end of the reserved time.

    Special Circumstances: If you would like to reserve a group study room or L406 for consecutive weeks or the entire semester, please contact the Calendar Administrator( Only IU South Bend faculty or staff, official student groups, and study clubs may book a room for consecutive weeks; however, no group may book a room for every day/night of the week.


  • How am I notified?

    All our staff and students receive notifications through email, the official mode of communication for IU.  Indiana Residents who provide an email will also receive notification through email.  If no email is available, the notices will be sent through the regular mail. 

    Billing notices are sent monthly through regular mail.  Since bills transfer to IU bursar accounts within 10 days, it is conceivable that a bursar bill is the first notice an IU staff or student receives of a library charge.
  • Do you have a grace period before I get charged for late items?

    The IU Libraries do not have a grace period after an item is due. The first day it is late, the item will begin to accrue overdue fines.
  • What is this charge on my bursar account?

    Please call us. We'll help you understand the billing details. The bursar only has access to the final sum transferred on Saturdays. Bills are transferred on Saturdays. Credits are transferred weekly, showing on your bursar account by Friday.
  • Do you take credit cards?

    The library does not accept credit cards.  However, the bursar does.  If IU staff or students allow  accounts to accumulate over $5, the bill will transfer to the bursar within 10 days. Staff and students can then pay with credit at the bursar office.  Our Cafe is still only cash and carry.
  • Do you have a fax machine?

    The library does not have a public fax machine.  The copy center on campus does have a fax and copy service available to the public.  (574-520-4250 or
  • How do I start my research?

    Librarians are available for research needs.   Please refer to our Ask a Librarian page for hours of reference help or to make a convenient and personal appointment with a librarian.
  • What do I do if the title I want is checked out already?

    If the title you want is already checked out or "Request Delivery" is not an option offered on that catalog record, you may want to InterLibrary Loan the item.

    Another option may be to put a hold on this item through the staff at the Circulation Desk. HOLDS, however, come at a risk. The other patron may not return this item on time. We suggest consulting a librarian for assistance.

    Librarians are available for research needs.   Please refer to our Ask a Librarian page for hours of reference help or to make a convenient and personal appointment with a librarian.
  • What if I notice problems in the building?

    Staff are happy to help you.  We roam the building often during the day but we might miss seeing something.  The study areas are self-policed.  Please let us know if you experience any problems.  We want to assist.
  • If I stay late at night, do you have security?

    If you are concerned for your safety, IU Police are available for escorts to your car.  In addition, if you notice anything questionable while studying in the building, please report it to the Circulation Desk. Circulation staff randomly walk the floors. However after 5pm, no full time staff are occupying upper floors. Please be aware of your surroundings and report any issues immediately.
  • What do I do if I need some computer help - especially on upper floors?

    An Information Technology consultant staffs the desk at the Hammes Information Commons all hours the library is open. This person will assist you with everything from printing to malfunctioning computers. If you are using the computers on the upper floors, feel free to use the phone next to the elevators to call down to the consultant to ask for assistance. The consultant will come to you. However, if you need additional assistance with learning a program, we encourage you to look toward the UITS resources online.
Last Reviewed: 7/2015