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Research Strategies

Research is a Process, not an Event....

As the King said in Alice in Wonderland, "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop."

Once you've selected your topic, you're ready to begin the research process. It's helpful to remember that this process is sometimes circular and iterative; research is rarely linear.

We suggest that you think of what kinds of materials you need and then choose an appropriate library resource for the job.

If you need background sources such as reference books, visit the Reference desk at the Schurz Library. The librarians will assist you in finding reference material that will give you a broader understanding of your topic or define words or concepts within your topic.

If you need books, use IUCAT. For more in-depth information on finding books, go to the Finding a Book help guide.

If you need journal articles, go to the Library website and look at the Articles tab in the SEARCH section. For more in-depth information on finding journal articles, go to the Finding Journal Articles on a topic help guide or the Finding a Specific Journal help guide.

If you need government publications, use IUCAT. More and more government publications are now online, and this search engine focuses on state and federal government website publications.

For more information about research strategies, see our Search Strategy help guide, or ask a reference librarian.

For more information, contact:

Nancy Wootton Colborn
Head of Information Literacy Services
(574) 520-4321

Last Reviewed: 03/2014