What is the Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy is an academically focused summer program for minority and Twenty-First Century Scholar students who are graduating from high school and plan on attending IU South Bend in the Fall. Participating students will complete two classes over a six-week period in the summer. Each class prepares them for success and leadership as they enter their Freshman year of college.

Invest YOUR time and effort, and WE invest in your future!

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College is expensive and it requires a commitment of both time and effort. Participants receive a scholarship that pays 100% of the tuition and required fees for the TWO college courses they will take during the academy. Textbooks, notebooks, supplies, bus fare (if needed) and even a backpack are also provided! In exchange, students are required to attend classes four days a week (Monday - Thursday) beginning on July 7th and concluding on August 15th. A typical academy day runs from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Enroll in Courses that MATTER!

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Students in the academy earn six FREE college credits through two courses. One a three credit-hour general education course on the history of the Black and Chicano Civil Rights Movements, and the other a threshold seminar that prepares them for the transition from high school to college level course work and responsibilities. The credits earned will meet two general education requirements, REGARDLESS OF A STUDENT'S MAJOR. Successful completion of the academy also provides a jump start on the road to the “15 to Finish” goal set to help students graduate from college in four years.

Embark on the college journey with MOTIVATION and SUPPORT

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The academy goes beyond mere summer classes. A variety of social events, field trips and leadership building group activities are interspersed throughout to help students connect with the campus and each other. Supportive academic resources, excellent faculty, knowledgeable peer mentors, counselors, and administrators all have one simple goal...student success! 

Eligibility Requirements

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The Summer Leadership Academy is for graduating senior students that plan on attending IU South Bend in the Fall. A maximum of 40 students will be accepted into the academy. For priority consideration applicants must:

  • Apply and be accepted into IU South Bend
  • Provide a copy of their certificate of admission
  • Submit the Leadership Academy Application by May1st
  • Register for the IU South Bend Placement Exams
  • Attend New Student Orientation in May or June

We encourage you to discuss the Leadership Academy with your parents and your school counselor and if you have any additional questions. Also, please feel free to contact any of the Making the Academic Connection Counselors at 520-4565.