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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in the Relay Program?

The Relay program is specifically created for FIRST YEAR minority students and Twenty-first Century Scholars, freshman or transfer. However, ANY first year student at IU South Bend is welcome to participate.

How large are the groups?

The program consists of four co-ed groups, each having approximately 10 students (and two mentors).

How often do groups meet?

Groups typically meet twice a month (once every two weeks) for an hour. Program-wide events (large social events involving all of the students in the entire program) will take place during the off weeks when students are not meeting in their small groups.

How long is the program?

Program runs the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. Groups meet once a week for an hour. Consistent attendance is required.

Program Content

Relay is an even mixture of small group meetings and program wide events.

  • Small groups - feature social relationship building activities, student support discussions, and academic information and skills training.
  • Program wide events - fun social activities involving entire program (40 – 50 students) doing things we just can't reveal to you yet!

What Relay Is Not

Relay is not academic tutoring, it is not a class, it is not a counseling support group. What Relay is, is a network of students committed to succeeding in college and joining together to help and motivate those around them to do the same. We work hard at having fun together while at the same time making sure we are also working hard in the classroom.

Why should I join the Relay program?

This program will help you build strong, lasting relationships and support systems with other students and within the IU South Bend campus. Most people view the college track as a strenuous race to a degree, but with the Relay Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program, you will not have to run this race alone!