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In the race to a degree...Get a headstart

Relay is a group peer mentoring program geared towards first year minority students and Twenty-first Century Scholars that assists them in making the critical transition from high school (or another college) to Indiana University South Bend.

With the increasing nationwide trend of low retention rates among minority students on college campuses, the Relay Program aims to help retain students by opening avenues for them to establish support networks with other students as well as the IU South Bend campus as a whole.

Students in the program will have a chance to meet 40 to 50+ new students just like themselves via a series of small group meetings and over 30 program-wide social events spanning the academic year, all while upperclass mentors handoff precious college knowledge often learned the hard way. We work hard at having fun while also creating opportunities to connect and succeed in the classroom along the way!

Most people view the college track as a strenuous race to a degree. But whether a first time freshman or a transfer student, know that you do not have to run this race alone. The Relay Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program is here to help. Run the Relay!

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