Degree Requirements

The program will be tailored to individual student needs, and will consist of 33 credit hours. A student will choose to specialize either in computer science, in applied mathematics, or with the help of their advisor, specialize in both disciplines. A thesis and non-thesis option is available. Students wishing to follow the thesis option must complete at least 24 credits of coursework and up to 9 credits of thesis. No more than two 400 level courses may apply toward this degree program.

Recommended courses for Computer Science Concentration

Recommended courses for Applied Mathematics Concentration

B503 - Algorithms Design & Analysis
B538 - Networks & Distributed Computing
B551 - Artificial Intelligence
B553 - Biomorphic Computing
B561 - Advanced Database Concepts
P565 - Software Engineering
B581 - Advanced Computer Graphics
B582 - Image Synthesis
B583 - Game Programming & Design
B651 - Natural Language Processing
B524 - Parallel & Distributed Computing
B657 - Computer Vision
B689 - Graphics and HCI
C690 - Special Topics in Computer Science
M546 - Control Theory
M551 - Markets & Asset Pricing
M560 - Applied Stochastic Processes
M565 - Analysis of Variance
M562 - Stat. Design of Experiments
M571 - Analysis of Numerical Methods I
M572 - Numerical Analysis II
M575 - Simulation Modeling
M576 - Forecasting
M574 - Applied Regression Analysis
M577 - Operations Research
M590 - Graduate Seminar
C431 - Assemblers & Compilers I
C442/A510 - Database Management Systems
C435 - Operating Systems
B438 - Computer Networks
C463 - Artificial Intelligence
C490 - Topics in CS
M415 - Complex Variables & Applications
M451 - Math of Finance & Interest
M463 - Introduction to Probability Theory
M466 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
M447 - Math Modeling I
M448 - Math Modeling II
No more than two 400-level courses may be selected. No more than two 400-level courses may be selected.

Students will be encouraged to take courses bridging the two disciplines (e.g. M562 - Statistical Design of Experiments and B581 - Advanced Computer Graphics). Both full-time and part-time study will be possible.

GPA: Students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters, or accumulating any two grades of D or below, may result in dismissal from the program.

TLC: The international students will also have to complete the required English as a Secondary Language classes based on the scores obtained at the placement test. More details here.

Concentration: Students who want to do a concentration in one discipline (applied mathematics or computer science) need to take at least 21 credits in that discipline. The thesis credits are considered as part of the 21 credits if a thesis option is chosen.

Y790: This course number is reserved for the thesis credits. Students who choose not to do a thesis have the option to complete a research project with an advisor for up to 3 credits of Y790 that can count towards the 33 credits required. The outcome of the research project must also be in the form of a technical report or a publishable research paper.

Duration: The program must be completed within seven years. Only courses taken within seven years of completion of the first course in the program may count toward this degree.

Sample Curricula

Although some students will need prerequisite courses, the following table represents a typical two year schedule for a student specializing in computer science and a student specializing in Applied Mathematics.

Student Specializing in
Computer Science

Student Specializing in
Applied Mathematics


   CSCI-C 490 - Computer Security (3)
   CSCI-P 565 - Software Engineering I (3)
   CSCI-B 503 - Algorithms Design and Analysis (3)
   CSCI-B 561 - Advanced Database Concepts (3)
   CSCI-B 538 - Networks & Distributed Computing (3)
   MATH-M 562 - Statistical Design of Experiments (3)


   MATH-M 463 Introduction to Probability Theory (3)
   MATH-M 562 - Statistical Design of Experiments (3)
   MATH-M 571 Analysis of Numerical Methods I
   CSCI-B 503 - Algorithms Design and Analysis (3)
   MATH-M 560 Applied Stochastic Processes
   MATH-M 509 Linear Transformations (3)


   CSCI-B 581 - Advanced Computer Graphics (3)
   CSCI-B 551 - Elements of Artificial Intelligence (3)
   CSCI-Y 790 - Grad. Independent Study - Thesis (3)
   CSCI-B 582 - Image Synthesis (3)
   CSCI-Y 790 - Grad. Independent Study - Thesis (6)


   MATH-M 551 Markets and Asset Pricing (3)
   MATH-M 577 Operation Research (3)
   CSCI-Y 790 - Grad. Independent Study - Thesis (3)
   MATH-M 576 - Forecasting (3)
   CSCI-Y 790 - Grad. Independent Study - Thesis (6)