ESL Courses Information

All international students will be asked to take English as Secondary Language written and oral placement exams. A good Toefl score or having some external ESL credentials might avoid a conditional admission into the program, but you still need to take these placement exams. Based on the scores, the following sequences of courses need to be taken. Failure to complete the English classes in a timely and consistent way may result in problems with the student visa.

SBENG Score    Writing course to enroll in
15 ENG-W 031/ESL - Pre-composition
25 ENG-W 130/ESL - Principles of Composition
55 ENG-G 013 - Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes
99 Student is exempt from any SBENG requirement.
SBORL Score Speaking course to enroll in
15 ENG-G 020 - Communication Skills for Graduate Students
99 Student is exempt from any SBORL requirement.