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Frequnetly Asked Questions

If I select a non-thesis option, how many credits of Y790 can count towards my degreee?

Students who choose not to do a thesis have the option to complete a research project with an advisor for up to 3 credits of Y790 that can count towards the 33 credits required. The outcome of the research project must also be in the form of a technical report or a publishable research paper.

Can I be fully admitted into the program before I complete all of the prerequisites?

Yes, as long as your application satisfies the criteria stated here. You will not be able to start taking graduate classes until you complete the prerequisites required for those classes.

If I start taking graduate classes as a non-degree graduate student and later on I am admitted as a regular AMCS student, will those classes count towards my degree?

Yes, as long as the classes you've taken are not used to fulfill the requirements for another degree.