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Excellence and Service Award Winners,
Spring 2013
Photo of Honors Night, Spring 2013
Shu Li (Excellence Award)
Chris Keeney (Service Award)
Not shown: Casey Geer (Excellence Award)

Dorothy Allen Memorial Scholarship

Purpose The Dorothy Allen Memorial Mathematics Scholarship provides current undergraduate and graduate students majoring in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at IU South Bend with financial assistance in completing their degrees. The basis for the scholarship is demonstrated potential for academic excellence in Mathematical Sciences. All mathematics students who have international background or international educational experience are eligible for this award.

Recent award winners
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2011 Kevin Aboh 2011dallen-aboh.pdf
2010 Doan Le
Senlin Li
Alicia Chan
Xiulin Loo

Application Requirements
Applicants must declare their intent to complete a degree offered in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, submit an application form, and provide a personal statement regarding academic goals and what they hope to accomplish with their education. Applications are available at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and on the web at math-sci/pdf/dallenappl.pdf. The application deadline is March 15.

Undergraduate Applicants

  • Declared major including BA in Mathematics, BS in Applied Mathematics or BS in Actuarial Sciences, with a minimum of 45 credits toward graduation (30 credits of which should be taken at IU South Bend).
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Completion of at least 4 core courses in Mathematics at IU South Bend.
  • Full time status (12 credits or more per semester)
  • Registration in at least 3 credits of mathematics per semester (6 credits per year)

Graduate Applicants

  • Declared concentration in Mathematics.
  • Cumulative graduate GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Completion of at least 12 graduate mathematics credits at IU South Bend.
  • Full time status (9 credits or more, or students who are enrolled for thesis credits)

Award Selection

  • The Mathematical Sciences Scholarship Committee will select one or several awards annually and a typical award will be $250 to $500 per academic year.
  • The awards committee may choose to disburse the funds as follows:
    1. Cash award (one or two installments per semester)
    2. Tuition reimbursement (two installments per year)
    3. Fund for attending research conferences (approved by student's advisor)

Application Form
An application form is available at math-sci/pdf/dallenappl.pdf.

Dorothy Armstrong Allen
May 21, 1925 - Nov. 10, 2001

Dorothy Armstrong Allen, a native of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, graduated from Earlham College in 1945 with a BA in mathematics and piano. While she raised her five children, Dorothy became active in several local organizations, including the South Bend YMCA, St. Joseph County Scholarship Foundation, the South Bend Symphony Women's Association and the Junior League of South Bend.

In 1963, Dorothy was one of the first women to receive a master of arts in mathematics education from the University of Notre Dame. In 1968 Dorothy took a position at IU South Bend in the mathematics department, which she held until December 2000.

Next to her family, Dorothy's greatest love was international travel. During her lifetime, she visited nearly every country in the world. As part of her teaching career with IU South Bend, Dorothy lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for two years. She also traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1979 for the Indiana University ARAMCO project.

In honoring Dorothy's life, the Dorothy Allen Memorial Mathematics Scholarship was established to provide current international undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Department of Mathematical Sciences at IU South Bend with financial assistance in completing their degrees.

Those who wish to make contributions in Dorothy's memory may contribute to the Dorothy Allen Memorial Mathematics Scholarship through the IUSB Mathematical Sciences Department. Checks should be made to the Indiana University Foundation. The address for scholarship donations: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University South Bend, P.O. Box 7111, South Bend, IN 46634-7111. You may get a donation form online at math-sci/donations.


Each year the Department of Mathematical Sciences designates up to two Excellence Award winners. The receipients for past years are listed below.

Mathematical Sciences Excellence Award Winners

2016 Trent Stuzman,  Alexander Zornig
2015 Alexander Zornig
2014 Casey Geer,  Shu Li
2013 Casey Geer,  Shu Li
2012 Doan Le,  Senlin Li
2011 Doan Le,  Senlin Li
2010 Doan Le,  Senlin Li
2009 Christopher Ebsch,  Steven Penzenik
2008 Christopher Ebsch,  Steven Penzenik
2007 Brandon Combs
2006 Brian Atkins,   Phuong Ngoc Uyen Nguyen
2005 Christina Grill
2004 Carlos Estevez
2003 Sandra Fenwick,   Charles E. Willour
2002 William F. Zech
2001 Sarah T. Chabot
1998 Dean Johnson,  Amanda K. Schermer
1997 Earl M. Boyer III,  Amanda K. Schermer
1996 Earl M. Boyer III
1995 Geetha Ravishankar
1994 Jerry C. De Keyser
1993 Fei Fei Wang
1992 John S. Elliott
1991 John S. Elliott,  Robert A. Yoder
1990 Robert A. Yoder
1989 Dennis R. Miller
1988 Dana Cremer
1987 Karen Coddens
1985 Gregory W. Clark,  Roger Olson
1984 Gregory Allen Martin
1983 Timothy A. Davis
1982 James Hershberger
1981 Jack Aaron Grey, Jr.
1980 Stewart Wayne Trowbridge
1979 James Richard Hansen
1976 Edward W. Enlow, Jr.
1975 Daniel E. Eggleston
1974 R. Karl Kirkman
1973 David Paul Remley
1972 Richard A. Blessing
1971 Jeanne Marion Laskowski
1970 Linda Babcock
1969 James Robert Aldrich
1968 Larry W. Knox
1967 Mary Burnett Hunt
1966 David R. Freel
1963 Philip Hubert Walker

Outstanding Service Award in Mathematics

This award is described in the announcement here.

The receipients for past years are listed below.

Mathematical Sciences Service Award Winners

2013 Chris Keeney