MS-MIT Capstone Seminar

In partnership with NIBCO Inc., a major manufacturer of flow control products headquartered in Elkhart, the School of Business and Economics invites senior information technology managers to participate in an innovative graduate seminar. The capstone course in the Master of Science in Management of Information Technologies (MSMIT) program is named NIBCO IT Management Seminar Series. In its fourth year, the seminar is distinguished by:

  • 13 weekly sessions conducted by leading regional IT executives
  • Close collaborations between executives and faculty in developing topics and readings
  • Students applying theories and concepts from courses throughout the MS-MIT program to practical situations discussed in the seminar integrating knowledge through analyzing IT management issues
  • Required immediate after class reflections that help students process the lessons, issues, and managerial challenges
  • A major end-of-semester integrative paper that permits participants to reflect on the entire series

This best practice in management education captures key elements that characterize the highest quality educational experiences in business including: collaboration between research scholars and industry leaders; blending of academic and professional perspectives; relevance of content; up-to-date coverage of topics; and high academic expectations monitored through multiple student deliverables.

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