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Liberal Studies

MLS Curriculum

Academic Curriculum (34 cr.)

Students are required to complete the proseminar, the library research training course, three core seminars, and a set of elective courses, after which they select from one of two options for the capstone experience to complete their MLS degree.
(All courses are 3 cr. hours unless otherwise designated).

Proseminar (3 cr. hours)
LBST-D 510     Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies

Library Research Training (1 cr. hr.)
COAS-Q 510     Topics in Information Literacy

Core Seminars (9 cr. hours)
LBST-D 501     Humanities Seminar
LBST-D 502     Social Sciences Seminar
LBST-D 503     Science Seminar

Students must complete one of each of the core seminars. The core seminars combine detailed study of particular topics with broad interdisciplinary perspectives. These seminars give students the opportunity to explore the connections that exist among the diverse disciplines and perspectives that define contemporary knowledge.

Electives (12 cr. hours)
LBST-D     511     MLS Humanities Elective
LBST-D     512     MLS Social Science Elective
LBST-D     513     MLS Science Elective
LBST-D     514     Graduate Liberal Studies Overseas Study
LBST-D     594     Liberal Studies Directed Readings
LBST-D     596     Liberal Studies Independent Research

Students must complete 12 hours worth of elective credit. Electives offer students a variety of choices with which to create programs of study suited to their individual interests. These elective courses may be selected to build support and background for the capstone experience (see below). In addition to those listed above, students may also repeat core seminars (each may be taken up to two more times under a different topic), and/or take graduate courses from other IU South Bend departments, divisions, and schools. The 12 hours of elective credit may include no more than a combined total of 6 hours credit of directed readings and/or independent research.

Capstone Experience
To complete the MLS degree, students must choose one of the following two options.

I. Independent Research / Creative Activity Option
This option offers students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty committee and to complete a final project designed around their unique interests. The graduate project is an independent scholarly effort through which the student demonstrates mastery of a specific topic. Examples include: an extended research paper, a computer program, a translation of a work of literature, an artistic composition or performance, etc. For details see Capstone Experience

LBST-D 601     MLS Project Proposal Seminar
LBST-D 602     Graduate Project (6 cr.)

Students enrolling in D601 must complete and have their proposals approved by their faculty committee within one year. Students who have not completed their proposals within that period will automatically be given a grade of W for the course and will have to reregister if they wish to continue working on this option.

Students enrolling in D602 must complete and have their projects approved by their faculty committee within two years. Students who have not completed their projects within that period will automatically be given a grade of W for the credit hours in which they have enrolled and will have to reregister if they wish to complete their degree.

II. Public Intellectual Option
This option offers students the opportunity to explore the variety of genre through which public intellectuals communicate, and to create their own portfolio of public intellectual work to be submitted for completion of the MLS degree. Students choosing this option must first complete two additional core seminars and then enroll in the public intellectual practicum.

LBST-D 501, D 502, or D 503 (6cr.)
LBST-D 600     Public Intellectual Practicum

Students must complete and submit their portfolios within one year of enrolling in D600 or they will automatically receive a grade of W and have to reregister in order to complete their degree.