Master of Public Affairs Courses

Y501, Fundamentals of Public Management (3 cr.): Theory and practice of managing public organizations. Problems of planning, organization, staffing, directing, coordination, and reporting are considered.

Y502, Health Care Delivery Policy Issues (3 cr.): The course acquaints students with the main characteristics of health care policy. It explores the complexities of the U.S. health care delivery system and its policy perspectives.

Y503, Statistics for Public Management (3 cr.): The fundamental logic of statistical inference, from description through to regression analysis.

Y504, Politics of Managing Health Services Organizations (3 cr.): An overview of the governance, organization, and operational management of major institutions of health care delivery.

Y505, Personnel Management in Public Organizations (3 cr.): Analysis of Public personnel systems.

Y507, Public Law (3 cr.): Law and its application to public policy and public organizations.

Y509, International Public Affairs (3 cr.): Understanding of the contemporary world, and its impact on public and nonprofit organizations, through analysis of the promises and challenges posed by globalization.

Y511, Public Economics (3 cr.): Application of micro- and macro-economics to the public sector. The fiscal role of government in a mixed economy, sources of public revenue and credit. Administrative, political, and institutional aspects of the budget and the budgetary process.

Y513, Public Policy (3 cr.): The dynamics of public policy, with an emphasis on actors, stages, analytical challenges, politics, and reconciling often contradictory goals.

Y514, Political Economy of Health Care (3 cr.): The course will focus on the economics of health care with attention to the role of government in health care policy debates and decisions.

Y515, Non-Profit Management (3 cr.): The theory and practice of the management of nonprofit organizations, as well as their role in society.

Y516, Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery (3 cr.): Problem-focused survey of the impact of legislation and case law on the delivery of health care in the U.S.

Y517, Civic Groups and Public Policy (3 cr.): The interaction of government and nonprofit organizations in public policy.

Y519, Resource Development for Nonprofit Organizations (3 cr.): The management of financial and volunteer resources in nonprofit organizations.

Y520, Leadership and Managerial Decision-Making in Organizations (3 cr.): This course analyzes models for decision-making among managers to promote effective leadership in organizations. Various theories of bureaucratic decision-making will be highlighted.

Y522, Public Budgeting and Finance (3 cr.): Budgetary systems and the process of creating a budget are covered. Students are also introduced to the forms and processes of government revenue.

Y524, Research Design for Public Affairs (3 cr.): This course will cover the components of research design and methods from variable identification to data collection.

Y582, Financial Management for Public Affairs (3 cr.): The course introduces students to the financial and managerial accounting skills necessary for the management of public organizations.

Y594, Directed Readings in Public Affairs (1-3 cr.): Written persmission of instructor required. Directed readings and research on selected topics in public affairs. Student(s) and instructor agree to a set of readings and requirements based on credit hours.

Y615, Capstone in Public Affairs (3 cr.): Application of program courses specifically to program evaluation, and more generally to thinking about the responsibilities of the public manager in contemporar society.

Y625, Topics in Public Affairs (3 cr.): Research and discussion of topics and issues in public affairs. Topic will vary from semester to semester.

Y635, Topics in Nonprofit Management (3 cr.): Research and discussion of topics and issues in non-profit management. Topic will vary from semester to semester.