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E-waste Totals

Posted on: May 29th, 2014 by

The totals are in for the e-waste recycling at IU South Bend.

Businesses brought in 42,759 pounds of electronics to the campus on May 9. The general public contributed 75,568 pounds on May 10. The total amount was 118,327 pounds.

The event was organized by the Center for a Sustainable Future, and recycling services were provided by Apple, Inc. All items collected were kept secure until delivered to the shredder where they are ground up into small piece and sorted into their material streams, which are then sent back into the manufacturing stream.

Krista Bailey, assistant director for the Center for a Sustainable Future, said 1,400 cars came through in five hours, or 4.66 cars per minute.

The center received $1,275 in freewill offering from recycling patrons.

In 2013, 375,000 pounds were recycled, 210,000 pounds in 2012, and 275,000 pounds in 2011. Last year in 2013 the total collection was higher because the center teamed up with an electronics business that cleared out a warehouse. Bailey said this year’s total was on par with recent years.

Bailey said the total was high although there are several other e-waste recycling events in the area. “People are being responsible about recycling electronics by looking for events like IU South Bend’s,” she said.


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