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Math is Fun

Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by

Aliceya Reeves, 11, was arranging different sizes of triangles on a sheet of paper to create a piece of art – birds, trees and houses.  However, there were geometry and fraction lessons embedded in the art.

Aliceya and her tablemate Maya Kindelan both were having fun and learning math at the same time. “It doesn’t seem like math work at all,” Maya said.

There was a buzz in the room. The young students kept the helpers moving around the room answering questions and making suggestions.

About 20 children were all exploring math at a three-day math camp at IU South Bend. The School of Education, Schurz Library and the Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons sponsored the math camp for children in grades fourth to eighth grade.

The camp focused on the basic skills, fractions, geometry and measurement concepts through activities and games. All in hopes for retention for next fall.

math camp 1

math camp 2

math camp 3

Marilyn Nash, mathematics curriculum coordinator for the South Bend Community School Corp., instructed with the help the group with the help of Kim Parker, of the Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons, and South Bend teachers Brent Yoder and Bryon Scroggins. Both Yoder and Scroggins are IU South Bend graduates.

“It is exciting. It is hands-on. It is fun,” Nash said. We work on the problems and then the children take home a packet of materials every night so their parents see what was done in camp every day.”

Scroggins said he is pleased to be part of the first math camp at IU South Bend. “It is an exciting partnership between the School of Education and the South Bend schools. It is a trial run. The kids are learning. They are interested.  Next year, I’d like to see long sessions. Broaden the scope. It is creative and fun.”





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