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Online RN to BSN IU South Bend

What you need to know to apply for the RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Program

  • You may apply any time and enter the program in the fall, spring or summer semesters.
  • All general education courses must be complete before you begin nursing coursework.
  • You are required to hold a current unencumbered RN license in the state in which you are practicing and /or plan to meet your clinical requirements.
  • You must have graduated from an NLNAC accredited School of Nursing.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 from your ASN or diploma program.
  • You must complete a criminal background check on the campus to which you are applying.
Readiness Index for Learning Online

RILO gives users an opportunity to assess your readiness for online learning and helps plan for strategies to assure success. It may be found at

The Online Option for this new curriculum is available for students who wish to complete the BSN in one year by studying full-time online (part-time study is also an option and takes two years). New cohorts start in January, May and August. Rules include that all general education requirements are completed prior to starting the online program and that admission requirements are met. IU South Bend students remain IU South Bend students and are enrolled on our campus and pay the tuition and fees to our campus. Graduation is from IU South Bend. Advising is from the IU South Bend campus. Deadlines for registration are earlier (i.e. December 3rd for January) and semester calendars may be different from IU South Bend's.

The format the online program is using is that each course is 8 weeks long so for full-time the RN takes 2 courses every 8 weeks. The program can be completed in one year. Clinicals are arranged by the student and are incorporated in the three courses that have clinicals/practicum (Community, Management, Capstone). Electives will be announced each semester; if you intend to apply for the IU South Bend FNP program, B245 Assessment will be a required elective.

Typical Course Sequence (NURS B231 Communication must be taken first and NURS S 483 Capstone must be taken last; NURS H 355 Statistics is taken before NURS H 365 Nursing Research; all other offerings are interchangeable and can be taken as it best works for the RN).

**all Courses are 3 credit hours**

Semester I
First 8 weeks
NURS-B 231 Nursing Communication
NURS-B 304 Seminar I: Health Policy

Second 8 weeks
NURS-H 355 Data Analysis (Statistics)
NURS-S 475 Health of the Community (includes practicum)

Semester 2
First 8 weeks
NURS-H 365 Nursing Research
NURS-S 474 Health Care Ethics

Second 8 weeks
NURS-S 487 Management (includes practicum)
Nursing Elective (a variety of electives will be avilable and are announced each semester)

Semester 3
First 8 weeks
NURS-B 404 Seminar II: Informatics
Nursing Elective

Second 8 weeks
NURS-S 483 Capstone (includes practicum.

For more information and an evaluation of credits contact: Sarah Ambler, Academic Advisor,
saambler or 574-520-4571.

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