Frequently Asked Questions

Is there financial aid available?

Limited Financial Aid Opportunities are available through the university's Office of Student Financial Aid.  Visit their website at or call (574) 520-4357.

Can I maintain a full-time job while pursuing the Second Degree B.S.N. Program Option?

No.  The program begins in summer and students are scheduled for 35-40 hour weeks, followed by a traditional fall and spring full-time semester.  The second summer resumes the 35-40 hour weeks with graduation at the end of that semester.  We recommend a limited work schedule, usually 15-20 hours per week during the traditional semesters.

Why an IU South Bend degree?

As an IU South Bend School of Nursing graduate, you will be culturally competent and able to provide holistic nursing care to a variety of communities.  Most importantly, you will have the skills needed to practice within the ethical and legal framework of the nursing profession.  You will be able to serve as an effective communicator, professional rolem odel and responsible manager who balances human, fiscal and material resources to achieve high quality health care outcomes.

What areas of nursing can I expect to experience?

Your clinical and practical experiences will complement what you learn in the classroom.  As part of your nursing capstone experience, you will be exposed to hospital and/or community based nursing, focusing on areas such as the operating room, emergency room, critical care, acute care, neonatal intensive care, pediatric care, and community care.


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