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Requirements for Admission

Requirements for Admission into the BSN program are:


Anatomy and Physiology I and II (credit hours 5/5)
PHSL P261/262

Microbiology (3/2 credit hours)
MICR M250/255
Chemistry C102 (3 credit hours)

English Elementary Composition ENG W131 (3 credit hours)
General Psychology PSY P103 (3 credit hours)
Life Span Psychology PSY P216 (3 credit hours)
Principles of Sociology SOC S161 (3 credit hours)
Health and Wellness NURS B108 (2 credit hours)

In addition to the above, student must have CHEMISTRY C101/121, 5 credits or one year of High School chemistry with a grade of C or better AND CHEMISTRY C102 (lecture only) 3 credits.

Total required Chemistry: 3-8 credits.Additional General Education requirements must be met to earn the BSN degree. This includes fundamental literacies, common core courses and contemporary social values. For full requirements check the IU South Bend Campus Bulletin.

Check the current IU South Bend Campus Bulletin under the School of Nursing for additional information regarding admission into the BSN program. Specifically, BSN Admission, Policy on Clinical Course Admissions, Repeat Policy and FX Policy and the full degree program.

All required Developmental courses (required by Placement Exam Scores) must be satisfied prior to application.

For information contact Student Services at (574) 520.4571.

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