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Kathy Borlik

Communications specialist / writer


The sky was a pearl gray. A slim shaft of light filtered through briefly and then evaporated. Stan noticed the light as it warmed his face and he looked up from his job. "It won't be long until it is spring and we can plant potatoes." He added another note in his cluttered mind, "Onions to follow. Just a few more warm days."

Getting back into the field was always something he thought of at this time of the year. It was March and he loved a good seed catalog. It was avocation, a joy to watch things come to life.

However, right now he had to be concerned with the dead. Stan knelt by the elderly homeless man crumpled by the base of the tree.

The man was seen recently downtown asking for spare change. However, this park was some distance from where he was last seen. "Why is he dead? And why here?"


These four paragraphs from an unnamed detective novel have been running through my head for a few years now. The work will probably never get done so I thought I'd share them here. Maybe someone can help me write the fifth paragraph.

My name is Kathy Borlik and  I write. I've been at IU South Bend since 2000. Before that I worked the South Bend Tribune in a variety of roles from columnist to police reporter.

I was born and raised in the South Bend area and went to South Bend Washington High School. I was brought up on a farm about 10 miles to the west of the city. And I can drive a tractor.

Right out of high school I came to IU South Bend to get my feet wet. Once my toes were totally waterlogged, I headed to finish the journalism degree in beautiful Bloomington. I graduated with that degree in journalism. My original dream job was to be Erma Bombeck's gopher. That apparently didn't work out. But in the meantime, I got that newspaper job.

I have an appreciation for both the regional campuses and the Big House.

Like being a reporter, working in the communications office here relies on relationships with the campus– faculty and students. It is important for them to remember to keep us in the loop when things are happening or there is an interesting story.

We've done a variety of projects in the past 12 years and I hope to keep learning how to do a better job.

Outside of the office, as if that ever happens, I love a good spring day, bicycling, cooking, history, jazz, movies, planning for a new house, my dog and gardening.

Remember that writing is an ugly job but somebody's got to do it. I love words, humor and good conversation. Did I mention I like words, lots of them.