Katrina Smith

Graphic Designer

Katie Smith

IU South Bend is like my 2nd home and has a special place in my heart. I spent long hours and almost 5 years earning a BFA in graphic design here and returned just a couple years later to work. I just couldn't stay away.

I love the variety of opportunities I'm provided with to help make the university grow, and to make it's programs and events more visible to students and the community.

I've lived in the South Bend area all my life, but I'm a bit of a traveler. I have visited 34 states (maybe I'll make all 50 one day) and 9 different countries. I've even been through the desert in a van with no air (♫ get it?). It was not pleasant.

When I'm not at work... I'm probably out with friends, or relaxing at home playing video games, reading, or cooking. I have a weakness for fancy coffee drinks and bread fresh out of the oven.