Digital Marketing

We recognize our students are as fast-paced and technologically savvy as the world around them – so it’s vital we utilize as many channels to reach them as possible.

We don’t believe information should be hard to find.

Let us help you market your events, school programs, etc., on channels where your audience will find the information they need, on-the-go during their busy schedules.

Your website is your most crucial communication tool.

If your site is outdated and needs updating, or you just need a crash course in learning how to manage your site in WCMS we’re here to help.

// Email Marketing
Have an event you’d like to market?
Want a registration link rather than an RSVP card?
Interested in analytics?

Partner with us so we can make sure everything is handled correctly.

// Social Media
The world of Social Media can be a bit #Overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Social Media provides us a way to give some of the best up-to-date information to current and prospective students, as well as to our alumni and community.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or the newest craze you can always read through our Social Media Guidelines to help.

We also manage some of the universities premier social media channels. So if there’s something you would like us to help promote, let us know.

// Digital Signage
There are seven digital signs located throughout campus. The purpose of digital signage is to promote events on campus­­ and/or give general information regarding a service such as “hours of operation.” Each slide during a digital signage rotation is displayed for 15 seconds. If you have any other questions regarding digital signage please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

  1. All requests for digital signage must be sent through The Office of Communications and Marketing project request form, When making a request for a sign, please include both the date to begin display and expire display of your sign. All signs with non-time sensitive information will be set to expire automatically at the end of each academic session (Fall, Summer, or Spring).
  2. You may submit your own artwork for digital signs—please fill out the project request form for submission instructions. Signage must meet minimum requirements for readability and must exactly match the following specifications:

    Dimensions: 1254 by 931 pixels
    File type: .jpg, .gif, or .png

    Allow up to three business days to hear back from OCM about approval for your artwork.
  3. OCM can create a digital sign for your announcement or event. Please fill out a project request form to have us create your sign.
  4. All digital signage is subject to the approval of OCM.