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Visual Identity System


Indiana University has undergone a communications makeover. Its printed materials and Web sites were once chaotically diverse, with different logos, colors, and fonts for each department and program. Without a clear visual link to IU, public audiences were often uncertain about which units were connected to the university. At the request of the Trustees of Indiana University, the Division of Public Affairs and Government Relations at IU Bloomington now guides the Integrated Image Program, which seeks to create a consistent visual identity for all of IU, including IU South Bend.

The program’s visual identity guidelines pertain to all official communications including publications, stationery, billboards, giveaways, Web sites, and videos. They explain how to use the block IU and university seal, and how to apply typography and colors for a consistent look that strengthens the image of the university.


The official IU cream and crimson are key components of the Integrated Image Program. Consistent use and careful matching are essential in establishing and maintaining a unified image.

The Pantone® colors should be used on all printed material, including stationery. When a Pantone color is not available, the CMYK mix may be used. In instances where IU cream is impractical or not available, white may be used.

Primary Colors

IU Crimson


Pantone* 201
C0 M100 Y63 K29




Hex #7D110C

178 30 59

IU Cream


Pantone* 9161
C7 M9 Y20 K0




Hex #F8F3D2

233 223 196

Secondary Colors

IU Dark Gray


C0 M0 Y0 K70

Dark Gray



Hex #6D6E70

109 110 113

IU Light Gray


C0 M0 Y0 K25

Light Gray



Hex #B0B2B4

199 200 202

IU Midnight Blue


Pantone* 5405
C71 M30 Y13 K41




Hex #2D637F

59 110 143


The following font families are preferred fonts for use on official stationary and signage:

Trade Gothic (all typefaces)
Officina Sans and Officina Serif
Franklin Gothic
They should be used to complement and contrast with signatures incorporating the IU font family and can be used for either text or display purposes where appropriate. They should never be used in an official signature.

Notes about specific fonts:

Trade Gothic, Officina Sans, and Officina Serif are not system fonts, so your unit must purchase a license for their use. These fonts are best used for print purposes.

Georgia is a system font already installed on most computers and is appropriate for all media.

Franklin Gothic is a system font already installed on most computers and is best used for print purposes.


Use of the IU seal is reserved for specific ceremonial purposes and communications from the Chancellor’s Office. The seal is not to be used by individual schools, departments, units, or student groups.


As part of the integrated image initiative, the campus is now referred to as Indiana University South Bend or IU South Bend. Any reference to the campus as IUSB is discouraged.


Signature Mark

Whenever the signature mark is used, the following rules apply:
The complete signature must be used.
The signature must not be altered or distorted in any way.
The signature should not be combined with another emblem or symbol.
Type should not touch the signature or signature elements, or be superimposed over them.
The signature must be placed so no other text or visual element is in close proximity (see spacing guidelines).

Signature Element

Spacing Guidelines

Non-signature elements such as type or images (excluding a background treatment) may not encroach on or behind the clear area.
The width of the “U” (the value of X) must surround the mark equally on all sides.

Note: The Block IU can be used alone when a unit signature isn’t considered necessary.

Any questions about visual identity should be addressed to Tiffany Goehring, Manager of Publications and Graphic Design, at 574-520-4340.

Policies/Procedures: Licencing and Trade Marks link to their office: uses of the mark:


The creation of new logos for units within Indiana University is not allowed. However, there are times when individual units may want to create a theme or visual element for a special event, campaign or program. The theme or visual element cannot encroach on the official signature mark of IU South Bend. The official IU South Bend signature mark is the brand of the university.