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Working With Us

OCM provides creative, integrated marketing and communications services for IU South Bend schools, departments, and programs. Specifically, we provide professional communications strategic planning, media relations, crisis communications, project management, art direction and graphic design, free of charge for:

Press Releases
Media Advisories
Print materials — publications, direct mail, etc.
Campaigns and special events
University signage
Exhibits and displays

As a client, you pay for:
Printing costs
Photography expenses

Digital Signages Specifications

The Digital Signage rotator area is: 1254 pixels wide by 931 pixels high at 72 dpi. Slides with content should be submitted within these parameters. Departments who need assistance with imagery should submit text only. Communications and Marketing will assist with imagery and layout. Typical lead times for creating digital slides in house can take up to a week.

Publication Guidelines

The guidelines set here are designed to help you and the Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM) effectively work together to maintain a high standard of quality for publications. OCM reserves the right to deny a project based on the Project Request From and all copy not being received.

OCM will see through the completion of all projects, oversee communications with vendors, and make sure a project is completed according to the highest possible standard of quality. It is not the procedure to release artwork to the client.


No project will be started without a Project Request Form and completed copy.

Please allow proper time for the project's completion. This includes design time, proofing stages, printing and extra services (i.e. photography).

Planning a Schedule

Please allow at least two weeks for printing a project, and at least two weeks for proofing a project (4 weeks total). Inadequate planning can result in poor quality projects as well as the denial of a project by OCM.

Design time will vary based on the nature of the project. Contact OCM early if a project is complicated, or if it requires additional services such as mailing. This will assure timely delivery.

In addition, please make sure the project is approved and that proper departmental funds are allocated before a project is requested (see Purchase Orders).

Preparing Copy and Proofreading

Copy will not be accepted in writing, only in an electronic format. Copy can be submitted via an e-mail attachment to the designer or in a Microsoft Word document.

Do not submit copy formatted with tabs, indents, or double spaces after periods. This adds to production time, as they need to be removed before being placed into a project.

The person or office initiating the project bears the primary responsibility of proofreading. Please have all copy proofread and corrected before it comes to OCM. Please try to keep alterations to a minimum, as this adds time to the production process.

Use of Artwork & Submitting Photos

OCM maintains responsibility for all design and photo editing. Photos may be requested for use in publications, but if OCM determines that the photo is of poor quality, or does not fit in with the design, the photo may be rejected and a substitution offered.

Delivery and Distribution

Our office is responsible for overseeing delivery of a job to the client. However, it is not our responsibility to confirm delivery of the correct quantity from the printer and for the storage and inventory of printed materials.

Purchase Orders/EPICs

Submitting an EPIC is the responsibility of the person or office requesting the project.

If a bid process is required, a requisition must be completed by the department that will pay for the publication. The requesting department will review the bids and make the final approval for the expenditure of funds.

Bids will also be reviewed by the Office of Communications and Marketing to assure compliance with specifications. The Office of Communications and Marketing will provide the specifications for the "description" portion of the requisition.

Please feel free to contact Debbie Richards at ext. 4580 with any questions relative to a bid for print process.

Policies and Procedures

Timelines are provided for clients to understand the length of time required for the development, writing, design and printing of projects.
Submit project requests to OCM by completing and submitting the online project request form. Time frames may be extended for projects that require extra writing, photography, printing or mailing services.
Actual delivery deadlines may vary depending upon unforeseen circumstances. Please be advised that this is only a guide.

OCM Project Lead Times

Ads 3-5 weeks
Booklets/Magazine (up to 24 pages) 12 weeks
Brochures 5-10 weeks
Forms/Applications 6-8 weeks
Posters 4-6 weeks
Postcards 4-6 weeks
Programs (4-12 pages) 4-6 weeks

* If you have a project that is not listed please consult OCM.