Celebrate International Education Week - November 13-17, 2017

Each year educators, students, and community supporters celebrate International Education Week, sponsored by the US Department of State and the US Department of Education.

"One of the great things about IU South Bend is how we embrace getting to know the world. Study abroad opportunities and the presence of international students on campus expose students to different cultures. It can be life-changing."
Terry L. Allison -
IU South Bend Chancellor

International Speaker Series & Events November 13-17
All talks are open to the public

Thursday, November 9

IU South Bend History Club: "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself"
Thursday, November 9th in DW 1001 at 6:30pm with an introduction by Dr. Froysland. 

The IU South Bend History Club will be sponsoring a showing of the film “And Starring Pancho Vila As Himself.” There will be a brief introduction by Dr. Hayley Froysland, expert in Latin American History. The film tells the true story of Hollywood following and filming the hero and/or vigilante Pancho Villa throughout northern Mexico and the southern U.S. The film uses real footage of the original Hollywood documentary, but also delves into the events surrounding what motivated the studios to create the film in the first place. All students are welcome to attend.

Saturday, November 11

Le Cercle Français: Fall trip to Chicago
Saturday, November 11th

The French Club will take the South Shore train to the city and will tour the French paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as visit the French Market. All 15 seats have reserved for this trip, but contact French Club Advisor Heather Jones to see about being added to the waitlist

Monday, November 13

International programs interns and trip leaders tabling in Wiekamp Hall
Monday, November 13, 9:30am-4:00pm Entrance to Wiekamp from the parking lot

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Dr. Anurag Pant, "The Cradle of Civilization: India? Some Evidence from Archaeology, Mythology, Rituals, and History'
Monday, November 13, 10am DW 1285.

Originally from India, Dr. Anurag Pant received a BE in computer engineering from Mumbai University and a Master’s degree in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Dr. Pant is Associate Professor of Marketing in the Leighton School of Business and Economics and teaches courses related to consumer behavior and marketing research. 

Oliver Shao, MA "Music and Humanitarian Governance in a Kenyan Refugee Camp"
Monday, November 13, 11:30am in DW 1135

Oliver teaches introductory approaches to cultural anthropology and upper level classes on African popular culture, global hip hop, and forced migration. He is completing his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Gisele Rutagengwa, “Culture of Naming in Rwanda”
Monday, November 13, 12:30 pm in Fireside A

Pierre N'Guetta & Boris Toure, "Perceptions of Africa"
Monday November 13, 1 pm in Fireside A

Meet the current President and Vice President of the International Student Organization and learn about various stereotypes of African students and their cultures.

Hadil Aammouri, “Arranged Marriages in the 21st Century”
Monday, November 13, 1:20 p.m. in Fireside A 

Brian Cwiek, MA "Historical and Modern Perspectives on China"
Monday, November 13, 4pm DW 1175

Brian Cwiek is a Ph.D. candidate in the Departments of History and Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University Bloomington with fields of specialization in Modern Chinese and Islamic Central Asian history. He was a Future Faculty Teaching Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year in the Department of History at Indiana University South Bend.

Tuesday, November 14th

International programs interns and trip leaders tabling in Wiekamp Hall
November 14, 9:30am-4pm Entrance to Wiekamp from the parking lot

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Dr. Jeff Luppes, ⰑWhy Germany Mattersⰱ
Tuesday November 14, 10am EA 2102

Dr. Jeff Luppes teaches all levels of German language, literature, and culture. His favorite courses to teach are beginning language classes. His greatest joy as a teacher is helping students discover what they find most fascinating about German culture.

IU South Bend French Club and Translate for Toddlers "Poetry Reading and Translation"
Tuesday November 14 and Thursday November 16 12:00-12:45 Fireside A& B

Students and faculty will be reading poetry and children's books in French. There will be a transla-thon too – all are welcome to come and help up transcribe students' translations in books for toddlers which will be given to immigrants in the SB area.​ Speakers of languages other than French are welcome to help and join the fun too! If you cannot attend either session in the Grille, Mme Jones will be hosting a French poetry slam in her class (DW 1160) on Monday Nov 13th, from 10:45-11:15. Contact if you wish to present during her class, or attend her class as a visitor.

Arabic Tea Party sponsored by the Arabic Student Club,
Tuesday, November 14, 11:30am ⱱ 12:30pm Fireside A&B

Dr. Caren Rossow & Dr. Lars Schlereth, "Viking Economics: Preventing Poverty, Healthcare for all, A Balanced Life, and Some of the World's Happiest and Most Productive People in Swedish Scandinavia"
Tuesday November 14, 1pm DW 1290

Dr. Rossow is an assistant professor of health care administration, and currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in management principles, health policy and advocacy, ethics, and healthcare human resource management. She has a passion for travel and has participated in thirteen study abroad and service learning trips to five countries, most recently co-leading trips to both Sweden and Belize. Dr. Schlereth serves as the Analyst for IU South Bend's Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance where he constructs the University's budgets and helps departments make funding decisions. He lived in Uppsala, Sweden while researching his Masters before going on to England to earn his PhD from University College London.

The Art of Chinese Paper Cutting by Yi Fu
Tuesday, November 14 2:00-4:00 pm in University Grill

Dr. Jamie Smith & Dr. Shawn Nichols-Boyle "Everybody's Irish: Exploring Irish Heritage, Exploding Stereotypes, and Discovering Modern Ireland"
Tuesday, November 14 at 2:30 pm DW 1275

Dr. Shawn Nichols-Boyle is a Senior Lecturer in the English Department and Director of the English as a Second Language Program She leads a study abroad experience to Ireland. Dr. Nichols-Boyle received her Ph.D. in Anglo-Irish Literature from University College Dublin and lived in the Dublin area for five years. Dr. Jamie Smith is Associate Professor of Political Science; he teaches classes on American Government and Urban Politics. His research explores the politics of urban development in numerous contexts. Prof. Smith studied in Dublin, Ireland, as an undergraduate student, worked as an intern in the Irish Senate, and has traveled extensively in the country on several return trips.

Connie Peterson-Miller, MA, "Clothing, Culture, and Controversy"
Tuesday November 14 5:30pm DW 1290

Connie Peterson-Miller is Director of Admissions and International Student Services. She has traveled throughout the world and sees a global education at the center of the IU mission. She is a passionate advocate for international students and the importance of intercultural skills and knowledge.

Wednesday, November 15th

International programs interns and trip leaders tabling in Wiekamp Hall
November 15, 9:30am-4pm

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Sodexo’s Specials in the University Grill, Wednesday, November 15 

China: Sesame Chicken w/ fried rice and egg rolls (Chefs Table)
Saudi Arabia: Beef and Vegetables soup (Soup Station) 
Nigeria: Chicken Stir Fry (Stir Fry station) 

Chloe Archaumbault, Ashley Eaton, Susan Ward, and Dr. Lisa Fetheringill Zwicker, "Why Study Abroad?"
Wednesday November 15 from 9:15-9:45am DW 1175

Chloe studied in Athens Greece in 2016; Ashley studied in Belize in 2016, and Susan studied in Florence in 2015. Dr. Lisa Fetheringill Zwicker is the director of international programs and wants to see as many students as possible to travel and study with IU South Bend; she is a history professor and leads a trip to Berlin and Prague.

Philipp Mischke, "A German Students' Perspective on IU South Bend"
Wednesday November 15, 10 am EA 1023

Philipp is an IU South Bend undergraduate student from Berlin, Germany, with a major in Integrated New Media and a concentration in Video and Motion Media. He is currently tutoring German, Math, and Speech on campus and serves as a peer mentor for one of the first-year seminars. His mother, who works as an airline flight attendant, has sparked his interest in traveling at an early age, which helps explain his curiosity about different cultures, cuisines, religions and their countries.

Mya Yee Nandar, "Burmese Women: Oppression within Oppression"
Wednesday November 15, 1pm DW 1285

Mya Yee Nandar is an IU South Bend graduate student from Burma/Myanmar and currently a registered nurse at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Granger. She has delivered public lectures at the University of Hawaii as a guest lecturer for Gender and Women Studies focusing on Burmese current issues. She is also a speaker on behalf of the St. Joseph Medical Foundation on the matter of Burmese refugee communities in Indiana

Dr. Elaine Roth, "Pyramids, Ruins, Volcanos, and Film Festivals: Visual Spectacle in Mexico"
Wednesday November 15, 4pm DW 1175

Elaine Roth teaches Introduction to Film Studies, Film Adaptations, and Women in Film, among other film studies classes. In 2012 and 2013, she co-directed IU South Bend⯱s study abroad program in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Thursday, November 16th

International programs interns and trip leaders tabling in Wiekamp Hall
November 16 9:30am-4pm

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Dr. Louise Collins & Dr. Cathy Borshuk, "O Canada: Gender, Human Rights, Society"
Thursday November 16, 1pm DW 1290

Dr. Louise Collins teaches introductory ethics and critical thinking to students beginning their college careers, and she also enjoys teaching upper level classes in ethics, social philosophy, and feminist philosophy. She completed her PhD at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Dr. Borshuk is a social psychologist with recent research interests in beliefs about domestic violence and the criminalization of women. She teaches core courses in Psychology as well as joint-listed courses with WGS such as Women & Madness and Violence against Women. She is a dual Can-USA citizen who completed all her education in Canada.

Dr. Terri Hebert & Dr. Zach Schrank, "Iceland"
Thursday November 16, 2:30pm NS 111

Dr. Zach Schrank's research interests include: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory, Consumer Culture and Society, Sustainable Consumption and Alternative Economies, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Dr. Terri Hebert teaches science education and methodology to education majors early in their senior year. Terri loves to travel and will serve as trip leader of a new study abroad Iceland program, where she most recently spent two weeks. Dr. Hebert has also traveled to England, Peru, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Amsterdam. She
is also leading a group of educators this summer to Costa Rica to participate in watershed activities.

IU South Bend Sustainability Program Chasing Ice
Thursday November 16 from 4-7pm SAC 223-225

Watch the film Chasing Ice, which received the 2014 News and Documentary Emmy award for Outstanding Nature Programming. Professor Terri Hebert will provide a short introduction about the film, and she and Zach Schrank will lead a two-week study abroad trip to Iceland in summer 1 2018.

Friday, November 17th

International Student Organization Thanksgiving
Friday November 17 at 2pm in the Grill

The International Student Organization invites all IU South Bend international community to come and share an International Thanksgiving Lunch with us in the University Grill on November 17th at 2 pm. The event is sponsored by the Student Government Association and International Student Organization.

Please RSVP for the

Saturday, November 18

IU South Bend History Club: Chicago trip
Saturday, November 18th

The IUSB History Club will be taking the South Shore train to the Chicago Field Museum on Saturday, November 18th. The Field Museum boasts one of the best collections of historical artifacts in the country. The student fee for the trip is $15.00 plus the cost of food. The money will buy the student's round-trip train ticket in addition to museum admission. If you are interested, please bring $15.00 in cash to Dr. Willig in DW 3273 to sign up. For more information or questions, please contact

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