Are you a Graduate Student?

You are should apply as a graduate student if you have completed undergraduate study toward a bachelor's degree or are scheduled to complete this schooling, and you are seeking a master's degree.

Application Checklist

Application Priority Dates

Although we will accept applications throughout the year, missing the priority date may delay your admission until the following semester if you are outside the country at time of admission.

  Fall Semester June 1st
  Spring Semester October 1st
  Summer Sessions I/II April 1st
Some graduate programs have required application deadlines. Be sure to check your specific program for details on application deadlines.

Application Fee

The $65 application fee is required of all applicants and is non-refundable. You may make payment at the time you submit your electronic application by using your credit card. Please contact the Office of International Student Serivces at, if you require assistance.

Submitting Official Academic Records and Supporting Documents

Once your application has been received, we will send instructions for creating an IStart account. You must upload your academic documents and diploma certificates through IStart, along with any documents not already uploaded through the electronic application.

Although you must first upload your academic records through IStart, you must also submit original, official transcripts sent directly to IU South Bend from the issuing institution. These transcripts must include work already completed and work currently in progress.

Click here to view detailed requirements.

Your statement of purpose and resume may be uploaded through the electronic application, and you may send official requests to your references through the electronic application, but again, once you have uploaded them through IStart, your official academic documents must be sent to the Office of International Student Services directly from your secondary school or college/university.

If the original documents are not in English, a verified translation must be sent with your official transcripts in your native language.
Click here to view more information about English translations.

Office of International Student Services
1700 Mishawaka Ave.
PO Box 7111
South Bend, IN 46634-7111

English Language Proficiency Documentation

Click here to view the list of countries from which IUSB recognizes English as the native language.

If English is not your native language, you must demonstrate proficiency in English before you can be admitted to IU South Bend. While TOEFL is the preferred method of documentation, there are many ways to meet this requirement.

Click here to read IU South Bend's English proficiency requirements for graduates.

Students who have not yet met this requirement may apply for "Conditional Admission." If applying for Conditional Admission, please indicate that you would like to apply for "Conditional Admission." Applicants, who meet the academic requirements, will be issued a conditional acceptance letter. Students will not be fully admitted until having met the English language proficiency requirements.

Statement of Purpose

This statement helps us assess your preparation and goals for study at IU South Bend and is an important part of your application. Generally, the Statement of Purpose must contain 300-500 words. The School of Nursing requires a 250-word essay describing and explaining professional career aspirations as an advanced-practice nurse. There are otherwise no requirements for what you must discuss in your statement; however, the questions below may help you develop content.

  • What graduate degree program at IU South Bend do you wish pursue (certificate, associate or bachelor)?
    What academic subject or major to you wish to study in this program?
    What are your objectives for pursuing this degree and major?
  • As of today, what academic achievement(s) are you most proud of?
    Have you done any service, volunteer or extracurricular activities?
  • For students who have completed their secondary education, have you been away from school for more than three months?
    If so, how did you spend the time?
  • Looking at your educational record, have you failed any courses or earned more than one or two poor grades?
    How will you avoid the same mistakes you made that caused your poor performance?
  • Is there anything else in your background that you want to bring to the admission committee's attention as it reviews your application?

Letters of Recommendation

Three Letters for Liberal Studies, English, Nursing, Public Affairs, Music, Communitcation Studies, and Applied Math and Computer Science.

Two Letters for Business Administration. 

Check with your program about any specific requirements for recommendation letters.

  • You are urged to use the recommendation function in the electronic application.
  • Paper recommendations should be mailed directly to the Office of International Student Serivces.

Test Scores

Your department may require one or more of the following tests. Minimum scores required vary by individual and are determined by the graduate program.

For all required tests (including TOEFL), you must request that the testing agencies send official score reports to IUSB. You may also wish to submit photocopies of your test results to ensure receipt of scores.

  • GRE: IUSB's Testing Services Codes: 1339 Many graduate programs require that you take the Graduate Record Examination General (GRE) Test. Check your program requirements to determine if you are required to take the GRE.
  • GMAT: IUSB's Testing Services Codes: 82L-WC-58 MBA, MS MIT and MS Accounting require that you take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Immigration Documentation

Non-U.S. residents: Submit a photocopy of your passport page showing your name and date of birth. If you are currently in the U.S., submit a photocopy of your I-94 Arrival/Departure Record and visa stamp.

Review restrictions on study for certain visa holders (B-1/B-2, F-1 OPT, F-2, J-1).

Documentation of Financial Support

Financial documentation is not required before an admission decision is made.

If you are requesting an I-20 in order to obtain a student visa, you must submit documentation of financial support proving that sufficient funds are available to cover all study and living expenses for the first year of study. Documentation must be less than 12 months old at the start of your study program and may be submitted in the following formats:

  • An original or certified true bank statement or scholarship letter. See the following link for other acceptable financial documents.
  • Privately sponsored students must submit an affidavit of support from the individual named on the financial documents.
  • Government-sponsored students must submit an official letter from the government specifying the terms of the scholarship and addressed to IU South Bend.