Deferring Admission

If you have previously applied to IU South Bend and wish to retain your admission decision or application review towards a later semester than was originally indicated in your initial application, you must submit a deferral request eform via iStart.

To get started, first choose the eform that is appropriate to your admission category:

  1. Freshmen (first-year undergraduate students)
  2. Transfers (undergraduate students)
  3. Graduates (post-baccalaureate students)

The following screen captures illustrate the deferral request eform submission process. (Scroll down to reveal the entire sequence.)

NB: Freshmen applicants will see the screens as shown. If you belong to one of the other categories, this will be reflected by accordingly renamed menu options and webpage titles.

  1.  Defer 1
  2. Defer 2
  3. Defer 3
  4. Defer 4

Upon review of your request, you will be notified with an updated letter of admission or a request for additional information. If you have completed any post-secondary course work since your initial admission to IU South Bend, you must submit your most recent transcripts. Please note that deferral availability and options may vary between graduate programs.  

If you experience any difficulties with the process outlined above, please write to the OISS at