Admissions Requirements

First Year Students

Graduate Students

Transfer Students

Visiting Students

Non-degree Students

Admissions Requirements for First Year Students

Academic Preparation

In general, we recommend that students complete college preparatory coursework that includes:

  • Eight semesters of English or the language of instruction
  • Six to eight semesters of mathematics
  • Six to eight semesters of natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Six semesters of social science (economics, government, history, psychology, or sociology)
  • Eight semesters of foreign language, fine arts, computer science, or technical skills
  • Two semesters of health, physical education, or safety

Secondary School Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation from a U.S. or Canadian secondary school or meet the country-specific secondary preparation requirements listed here.
  • The equivalent of a "B" average or higher in secondary school or a score of at least 630 on the General Educational Development (GED) test.

English Language Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum TOEFL score of 530 on the paper examination or 71 on the internet-based examination. Please click here for other ways to meet the English language requirement, in lieu of submitting a TOEFL score.
  • Immigrant students currently residing in the South Bend area may take the IUSB Interim Placement Examination.  Immigrant students includes students whose first language is not English: U.S. Citizen, Refugee, Asylee, Permanent Resident
  • Please click here for other ways to meet the English language requirement

In addition to meeting the English language proficiency requirement for admission, all first-time international undergraduate students and transfer students must take placement exams in English and Mathematics upon arrival, unless otherwise exempt. Additional details about the placement tests and exemptions can be found on the English Placement Test page. If you are required to take English course(s) as a result of the placement exam, you MUST begin them during your first semester of study and complete any remaining course(s) during subsequent semesters. No interruption in the sequence of prescribed ESL courses will be permitted; students are automatically enrolled in the prescribed ESL courses every fall and spring semester until they are done with the sequence.  Students may opt, however, to take a summer English course toward completing the sequence.

Special Requirements for Music Applicants

  • Complete Music Audition Application
  • Audition is required. Overseas applicants may submit a CD or DVD with their application information. (click here for information about what needs to be included in the audition CD or DVD).

Click here to visit the First Year Student application checklist.

Admissions Requirements for Visiting Students

Academic Preparation

For students who have just completed high school, please see the first year requirements above.

For students visiting from other colleges, the student must provide a letter from academic advisor attesting that the student is in good academic standing at his or her current institution. 

Click here to go to the Visiting Student application checklist.

Admissions Requirements for Non-Degree Students

Academic Preparation

Non-degree students at the undergraduate level must meet the first year requirements above.

Non-degree students at the graduate level must meet the admission requirements for the graduate program in which they are attending classes.

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