Meet Aisha Masri

 Aisha Masri

Undergraduate Student Professional
Office of International Student Services
166 Administration Building

Phone: +1 574 520 4419


My name is Aisha Masri—and yes, my name often gets mispronounced usually with a tilted head to the side and an odd face expression to match. Many people do not realize that my name is quite popular culturally and religiously actually. In fact, I am of North African and Middle Eastern heritage: Moroccan and Lebanese, born in francophone Canada (I do not speak French) and raised in the United States all my life. I grew up speaking both Arabic dialects and love to use my language whenever I can. I am also a local of South Bend and currently, a sophomore here at IUSB. I was happy to join the Office of International Student Services this year as a student assistant. I have the great opportunity to not only interact with international students but to also be exposed me to various cultures on IUSB’s diverse campus. One of my favorite things to do is traveling: I hope to have the chance to visit many places in the future.